The December Pizza Experiment: Premiere Traditional Pepperoni

The first striking thing about this pie is that it was $3 at No Frills, not on sale. That’s a ridiculously low price which made me wonder whether the box would be empty.

Sadly, it wasn’t.

Premiere is a McCain brand. For those not located in the Canadia, McCain is best known for their generally decent potato products, such as frozen fries. I guess they make a variety of pizzas as well, thought they’re not on my radar.

On to the tastings and such.


It’s not a wholly unattractive pie and the cheese browned up nicely (see my first installment in this series, which speaks to how I’m going to cook each pie), and the crust browned decently as well.

The first thing one tastes is the dough (very doughy dough) and sauce, both of which are deeply abysmal and sad-making.

Even well-done (bien cuit, for you fancy cats) the dough is bland and chewy in the middle. Not fun chewy, some kind of artificial preservative gum chewy.

The pepperoni is delicious. Seriously. Smoky, salty, reminiscent of excellent upscale pep. Really nice. And, as I said, the cheese is very decent.

But it’s an inedible pie. There’s no way to obviate either the sauce or dough and, together, they’re a master blaster of pizza disaster.

Imma go pick off all the pepperoni now and eat it in a Blackbird Bakery baguette with melted Romano and fresh pesto.

This pie earns a mark of 23% and has perhaps permanently taken the wind out of the sails of this experiment. Luckily, December has only a week left.

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