Watch the Watch: Aron Solomon’s Watch World, May 2015

You can stop collecting or even thinking about watches. The game is over.

Omega has ruined it for everyone by officially launching their Globemaster, which might be the best watch ever made. If you don’t believe me, watch the unboxing. You should probably be sitting down.

So, what else should we talk about since Omega just killed everyone’s watch hobby? Oh — we do need to come up with around $45,000 to acquire one, but that’s just a detail.

Seriously — how beautiful a watch is this?

It has all of the best design features not only of the finest historical Omega creations, but the fluted bezel pays homage to the best model of the most underrated luxury watch ever, the Rolex Air King.

Oh. Yeah. Apple came out with something they’re calling a watch. It looks like this.

And these.

And even this one, though it can set you back $22,000.

So, look, here’s the thing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again. These aren’t watches. These are wearables with the ability to project a watch face and run watch functions.

This is a watch.

And this is a watch.

But this is not.

Nor is this.

Or this.

Or even this.

I think wearables are great, and I have no problem with a wearable that also performs functions such as telling the time, as all smartphones do. But the wear habits you’ll see emerge from people who love watches will surprise you. We won’t give up wearing the watches we love, whether we’re wearing a fitness tracker or a wearable that allows us to reply to a text message.

Have a great May. And remember to always watch the watch.

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