FIRST PARAGRAPH; the project is how to learn online …it is the goal in the just start project . because the skills to develop how to use the technology and IT in professional life ..

SECOND PARAGRAPH: because i am almost complete my master degree and after that to get job and passing through the interview and other procedure therefore i prefer this. for my career support.

THIRD PARAGRAPH : first of all i am convincing my self to do this and take a step for this. internet problem ,load shedding and the time managed to this also parents convince to get admission to do course..

FORTH PARAGRAPH: to apply ; completion of project before coming to interview;;;then interview and join..

FIFTH PARAGRAPH : amazing experience learn alot i am also surprise that i do this. .challenges i am also afraid that i can t do this.. parents convincing and arrange the fee and attend the session..

SIXTH PARAGRAPH: if you plan to do something then you can…nobody stop you to do this ..small steps towards large success..

SEVENTH PARAGRAPH: i do the same thing in my life and not afraid of them..


FIRST PARAGRAPH: EDHI Sb autobiography he start by himself e.g is each morning her mother gave his two paisa for school and advised his to gave somebody poor and spend one on himself…it take small action on its house to help the poor and amal also start 3 or 4 fellows only ..

my willpower was very strong during times of trouble and i would not change my courses easily ,it was infact this attitude that established me as leader of our group… it really influence and motive to do something which you wants…i also experience this.

i learn depend on ourselves and be independent .must be efficient enough to be start a small step and get great a self learner..

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