How India’s biggest sub-reddit is being silently censored

This post stinks of such bulltatti that it’s worth discussing. You made incredibly low-effort troll-bait on a brand new account and got pissed when the same behaviour was accepted on Quora and not on /r/India. /r/India has strict rules because it has been, and will be, a total and utter shithole without those rules. The time before the 2014 elections were absolutely horrible for the subreddit. Painting /r/India as some sort of ideologically-motivated place (like that other cancerous India subreddit) is just ridiculous.

I googled a bit and found I am not the alone who thinks this way, r/india moderators have strong pro muslim bias, Unethical ban by r/india mods, banned by r/india were few of many such links I came across.

My god, the selection bias is so obnoxious. You can do this for literally any subreddit and you’ll get the same kind of results from whiny rule-breakers. Stop bitching about being banned on a young account after posting incredibly low-effort content.

Oh, and this idiot is citing this highly-upvoted AskReddit comment about /r/India having a Pakistani mod as proof that ‘people agree’ with him. Bullshit. It’s AskReddit and the proposition that the Indian subreddit had a secret Pakistani mod is very funny. The edits were made by the user after their comment was highly upvoted, so the upvotes are in no way indicatory of how much people agree with them.

So this apparently open online community r/india is being made into a totally one-sided forum by a group of biased moderators.

Yeah, and ‘better’ Quora has such diversity of views among its Indian users. If you’re looking for a circlejerk for your bigotry, /r/India is not the place for you. There’s a good reason it’s strictly moderated, and you’d know that if any of your posts or comments were intended as contributors to quality discussion, not hateful mudslinging intended to get a reaction out of people.