What differentiates a corporate from a circus? ;)
Shally Arora

You have again very carefully chosen a debatable topic :) and internet is full of Manager Vs Leader mems. You are right, all the points mentioned above are essential but even for someone to manage well all is needed.

For me the definition of leader is very simple — “The effectiveness of a leader is the capability to create more leaders.” The more leader a leader creates stronger be the performance and results. There are certainly lot of skills (tactics) required on parameters of efficiency, communications, empathetic listening etc. but if the followers feel week in leaders presence then that is dictatorship. If the leader just want things his/her way and communicates it courageously, that could potentially land in ego, identity conflict zone.

It is only when each follower is raised to the full capacity and all perform to brim, a great leader is born.


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