Key Takeaways — Number Systems (Part I)

Hello everyone…

As far as my basics about “number system” is concerned and according to all the key points about the topic that are mentioned in the key takeaway,i would like to answer the question as :-

As we know that adding up two odd numbers results into an even no. also addition of an even and an odd number results into an odd no. so according to the given situation,we have to add any 3 of the given list of the odd numbers that would yield 30 as the this context is seems unlikely for the addition of 3 odd numbers resulting into an even number…Although a sum of 30 can be obtained by other means like as by calculating the factorial or by splitting an even no. into 2 or more numbers..Thus,to conclude,i would like to say that if only the”addition” is to be performed on only the “3 odd numbers” then it is impossible to yield an even number as a final result…


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