Five investor pitch deck blunders to avoid

“80% of the presentations… you don’t even know what the problem is till 15 minutes into the presentation”.

-Vinod Khosla, Khosla Ventures

A compelling investor presentation deck may be what you need if you’re a corporation, a start-up, or a professional looking for funding. To create a bright and compelling presentation, you might engage a top investor pitch deck design agency. However, keep in mind that your pitch deck will fail if you continue to make mistakes like the ones listed below. Throughout the day, investors review many pitch deck presentations. The PPT must offer something unique in thought and presentation to stand out. Let’s get right into what you should never do in a pitch deck presentation.

Information that is excessive and irrelevant

There’s no need to repeat content once you’ve demonstrated your market potential with an excellent PPT presentation. As a result, your solution appears to be an irritating piece of knowledge.

What is the best way to look for information that is repeated? Check the investor pitch deck slides for any repetitions of the product’s unique selling proposition (USP) or essential features.

If you include irrelevant content, your investor pitch decks can become a snooze fest. Investors aren’t interested in a joke or a comment taken out of context. So, before handing over the content of the pitch deck to a PPT design business, remove any unnecessary information.

Financial data that contains an excessive amount of numbers or figures must be removed. Keep the most important ones in a bulleted list. To better show them, use charts and graphs. A reputable pitch deck design professional can help you with this.

If necessary, you can include additional financial information in the Appendix.

Incorrect numbers or figures

Trying to deceive investors will not get you far. Your exaggerated figures will not convince individuals who could be interested in sponsoring your proposal.

Most investors have a team of professionals who have previously conducted due diligence on your potential numbers. That is why you should play it safe and be true to yourself.

Investors appreciate truthful and forthright representations. Using industry jargon may appear clunky. Keep your message concise and to the point.

Slides within the limit

Keep in mind that the slides in your pitch deck are a financial investment. It refers to the cost of engaging a professional PowerPoint design firm. The investor’s time will be wasted if you use the slide.

Qualitatively utilize the pitch deck slides. It’s intended to be a presentation, not a meeting, for the investors. Long breaks in the presentation will stifle spontaneity. Investors want to examine your techniques, preparation, and approach when evaluating your product.

Unwanted details

There’s no need to include every new feature or improvement to the product or service. This will merely extend the duration of your pitch presentation.

Enhance the overall picture of your offering without going overboard with the details. This also applies to lengthy remarks or phrases that only appear impressive in newspapers. Use headlines to grab people’s attention. Make use of brief but effective bullet points.

Images of value

Visuals have a more significant impact than mere words. That isn’t to say that the images aren’t necessary. Images that aren’t related will merely add to the confusion.

Allow the photos to breathe new life into the pitch deck. Provide the PPT design agency with a concise brief. An excellent presentation deck, The PPT design agency will maintain the company’s branding while creating a unique pitch deck.

If you want professional help to design your presentations and pith deck services, you can consider reliable firms like — Entrepreneurly India, Presentation Support, and Fullydecedkup. Hope this blog was useful. Good luck!



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