Why Sebamed Baby Shampoo is healthy for your baby

Humans are said to be the most caring and nurturing species when it comes to looking after their young. People go to great extents to ensure their babies are healthy and this involves carefully choosing products, especially those that come in contact with their skin. Baby shampoo has often been a topic of debate and has even been in the news recently due to toxic chemicals being found in some of the top brands. The most important thing to consider while choosing a shampoo for your baby is one that is soap and alkali free. Soap and alkalis are basic in nature and can have a nasty effect on your baby’s skin. Most people don’t realize that bases can be as harmful as acids and a quick example would be the effect of lye on cotton fabric. A quick way to do this would be mix some regular hardware store lye (drain cleaner) in some water and drip a bit on some cotton fabric. The basic water burns holes right through the fabric exactly the same as an acid would be expected to do.

Babies require extra attention

Babies are more susceptive to allergic reactions due to the sensitivity of their skin, and choosing a shampoo that is hypoallergenic is always important. A lot of times the perfume or fragrance added to most shampoos cause allergies in babies. Babies often do not close their eyes or mouth during a bath, and shampoos that contain toxins and can cause allergic reaction or burn the eyes should be avoided altogether. Most shampoos also leave residual product after extensive rinsing and these can also cause harmful reactions, especially on children.

Choosing a neutral wash for your baby

PH value is another important factor to consider while choosing a shampoo for your baby. It is important to choose a shampoo with a Ph value closest to human skin at 5.5. Anything higher or lower than this Ph value of 5.5 can have an acidic or basic reaction on your child’s skin, both of which are equally detrimental. Soaps and shampoos with a Ph level of 5.5 are perfect for sensitive skin as they have a neutral effect and do not cause irritation or redness even after repeated use. It is important to remember that baby skin does not have the natural acid mantle protection that adults do and this is why choosing a neutral soap or shampoo is imperative.

The best baby shampoo

Sebamed has long been the trusted name in child care and baby care products. Sebamed baby shampoo have a Ph value of exactly 5.5 and are dermatologically tested. These soaps and shampoos from Sebamed also promote the growth of acid mantle in children and this is especially beneficial to children with sensitive skin. Sebamed shampoos are also the only shampoos recommended by pediatricians that can be used in conjunction with treatments for skin diseases. All baby cleansing products work on nourishing and protecting the skin while simultaneously cleansing as well.

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