Reduce the noise

I always thought that noise is what you have in a house with kids. Or noise is what you have on a busy road or in a shopping mall. I really did not know noise could be in my spoken or written content too until I started working with SK. He said “words are a waste of time, when not needed” and he kept guiding me towards understanding that less is more.

All that he said, can be a beautiful set of guiding points for people trying to be contemporary in their writing. For now, just quoting a few of SK’s statements below-

“Don’t tell me what’s not good — noise for me”
“Do not do that section. Why do we need to? It seems noise”
“Delete all archived stuff… that’s noise. Just keep latest ones”
“If we split emails based on a criteria, we are creating noise!”
“More pages create more noise and doesn’t help. Start small — refine upwards”
“Remove models from there. Noise for that page… that page is about screens”
“We are not writing the doc to show to client… only necessary info, rest is noise.”
“My reason is… reduce noise. Formality over email is reducing, culture is shifting. It is not purely about literary sense”
“Minimised info results in simplicity. All the noise in our heads, should not be communicated to the user. Just tell yourself… less is more.”
“Simplicity is a complex thing… Requires a lot of thinking. It is like craft work! Our brain struggles to cut the noise. Human mind isn’t tuned to it — takes effort”
“I am so harsh… but think about cost of adding stuff, then taking it through review cycles, and then spending time deleting it. This is what noise does to us in life. It happens in many forms — content is just one example. It happens also with goods we buy that we hardly use for example.”
“This is what I was telling you… lot of noise”