The R Word

As I sashay into 2018 with umbrella themes like Self Care and Self Worth. It’s been my personal decision to stray away from the overly used, falsely prophetic word “Resolution”.

And I want to share my perspective with you..

Resolution is defined as both “a firm decision to do or not to do something” and “the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter”.

We are not problems to be “solved”.

Empowering was my mindset when deciding to replace this R word with ones that prove to be less intimidating.

This time around I’ve chosen to be more Realistic and Responsible when embracing my new year expectations.

This time of year doesn’t have to be reserved for only resolution but for accepting. Focusing on what we want to change inadvertently sets limitations on what we are willing to accept.

My aim was to set a more realistic standard by providing myself with an open vocabulary of acceptance.

Rather than abiding by an unyielding, pass or fail rubric to follow and fall through.

While 2017 was a year of Revelations, Realizations and Reprimands.

2018 shall be one of Release, Recuperation, and Restoration.

As I confidently step away from the idealism of Resolutions. I’m wishing that others also choose to embrace a more accepting way of life.

With that being said..

May this new year provide you with the Rebirth you need to see the world a new.