What Weighs More?

Emotional Reactivity Vs. Fact

Emotional Reactivity is described by Desert Alchemy.com as “Emotional reactivity, means you have an uncontrollable reaction to a stimulus. Instead of being able to respond to an event, your emotions may spring forth with intensity. Emotional reactivity often takes you out of your comfort zone and you might even feel victimized by your intense feelings”.

I️ read about Emotional Reactivity in a book about a year ago and instantly identified with Emotional Reactive Responses. In layman’s terms, being emotionally reactive is instantaneously reacting on emotional level even when an emotional response is not required. I’ve been labeled as “emotionally sensitive” my entire life. I’ve never known to what I️ was supposed to blame my emotional sensitivity on. Was it my genetic make up? My pretty turbulent up brining? Was it because I️ was a Scorpio? Ahh, is this what was being a water sign about? As I️ got older and began to identify as an Empath. I️ finally felt I️ found an answer.

The question should have never been “why am I️ this emotionally sensitive?” but rather should have been “How can I️ make these intense emotions more ideal to conduct a healthy life?”

Celebrating my 24th birthday less than two weeks ago brought about a mix of emotions. With this began what felt like a plethora of changes, some I️ made while others made themselves.

Here is when I️ finally felt it, when the truth hit me like a semi truck going 90 mph.

In feeling, where were the “FACTS?”

Had I️ lost touch with reality, while drowning in my emotions?

Now here me out…

Where emotional responses are not required…I️ react

Where emotional responses are required… I️ react x10.

Stepping out of myself to objectively view my situations through a pair of black and white vision goggles;was never an option to me until now.

Factual materials spark my interest but only when the interest is not particularly personal to me.

..when it is, I️ weigh feelings over facts.

Maturity is questioning yourself, while immaturity questions others..

Here is where I️ questioned myself..

How can I️ stop reacting to everything and start accepting the facts of life?..

Facts provide us with the information we need..

Emotional Reactivity gives us the feelings we “want”..

Facts give you room to accept..

Emotional Reactivity gives you room to deflect..

Facts provide retrospect..

Emotional Reactivity provides lack of clarification..

Facts provide truth..

Emotional Reactivity provides grief..

Weighing yourself down with emotional energy from every situation you become attached to causes confusion, pain and guilt. With it’s quick knee jerk reaction to every happening you will undoubtedly cause a huge emotional “burn out”.

Weighing up the facts of any situation can provide you with clarity before confusion and impartiality before emotionality.

So next time, ask yourself..

What weighs more?

Emotions or Fact