Hello Euphoria,

I think it’s you.

I’m still exploring every inch,

And as I go deeper,

you mold to my bones,

you fill my cracks.

You are everything,

while I am nothing

(I love it so).

Space & time transcend,

the way you and I do.

There is now only you

And who I am with you;


Take me to your galaxy

while I slip into the darkness,

I want to feel it inside of me,

flow through my veins.

I’ll scream your name “euphoria!”

as our souls entwine,

lost in the stars.

I fucking love you,

I want you to know,

Plants collide,

a new home.

You are home, euphoria,

you are home.

my most precious poem whom I wrote for someone a long time ago. Words are so funny how weighted they are in the moment and life is so funny with how it changes and words remain words but definitions change. And I think it is so strange how different people bring out different pieces of each other; I would never write something so deep now, in my current state of life.

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