Breaking stereotypes with cannibalism

Most anime fans would hesitate to set foot into the cruel, bloodthirsty dystopia of “Attack on Titan”, where man-eating humanoids roam free, bathed in viscous, crimson blood. The parental unit was definitely worried by the terrifying, otherworldly sounds of murder and mayhem emanating from my room and seriously considered therapy as I watched the show in the dead of night.

Though the violence is graphic, once your scruples are overcome, the macabre savagery grows on you. Who would have thought that splatters of blood could bring such joy? Soon, you begin rooting for the “shonen” style plot and its bloody-minded…

[Free speech is a touchy subject — especially now at a time of such political divisiveness. But, Gen Z and millennials are increasingly turned off by the liberties taken in the name of free speech. I believe that exercising the right to free speech is important — now more than ever before. It is necessary for our country to heal and for us to come together. I wrote this essay for an assignment and wanted to share it with you all in the blog.]

Why is free speech important to initiate change?

Free speech is responsible for heralding some of…

Laissez-faire vs Crony Capitalism

New Year started with a bang. The four “I”s of the four Wednesdays of Jan 2021 (Insurrection, Impeachment, Inauguration, and finally Investments) kept the news cycles busy. But, the shit hit the roof when the Democratic Senator, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, and the Republican Senator, Ted Cruz seemed to agree with one another.

Ted Cruz tweets his support of AOC over the Gamestop debacle

The GameStop debacle: What really happened?

Stocks like Gamestop (GME), Nokia (NOK), AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (AMC), Bed Bath and Beyond (BBBY), which had been losing money for years and were known for their unsustainable business models especially during the pandemic, suddenly seemed to skyrocket in value on January 27th, 2021. …

Pre-processing your data

This tutorial helps you to understand how to pre-process your data for natural language processing.

What is NLP?

Have you ever wondered how smart assistants such as Google’s Cortona or Amazon’s Alexa “understand” what we tell them? Perhaps you have used Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to take a picture of a textbook page, which got converted into a typed document? These are examples of Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Natural Language Processing is a field where computers generate and understand language, which can include useful data. There are many parts to NLP but the most important is learning how to pre-process your data…

Will it ever end?

On November 7th, the results for the 2020 Presidential election were announced by most major news outlets, including AP, Fox, CNN, and most people seemed to breathe a sigh of relief because the uncertainty seemed to be over.

Factitious lawn signs were tucked back into the garages and the Almaden community seemed to have returned to its usual peaceful state. However, a surge of fake news began appearing on social communication channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, which projected that the elections had been stolen, without providing any proof or evidence. This misinformation took a more sinister overtone when some…

The increasingly blurry line between art and AI

My interest in digital art prompted me to visit the exhibition “Uncanny Valley: Being Human in the Age of AI” held at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, CA from Feb 22, 2020 — June 26, 2020. The artworks explored the concept of what it meant to be human and the increasingly blurry line between art and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that were used to generate art. The concept of the “uncanny valley” was first introduced in the 1970s by Mashiro Mori, a professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology to describe his observation that robots are increasingly becoming…

Should we be worried?

Credits: Claire Merchlinsky from The New York Times

Bias is integral to human nature. But, when bias is introduced by technology, its various manifestations can be even more complex and hard to understand.

Think about this situation for a minute…..

You are a young college student from one of the most prestigious universities in the country. You receive an invitation for a preliminary interview for an internship with your dream company. You are requested to use a software called HireVue, where you will not interface with a real person, but respond to a couple of questions that the computer randomly asks you.

On the day of the interview:

The New Guide to Note-Taking in Online Education

Now that the school year has started, many of us are wondering: How are we going to work virtually?

Many amenities such as whiteboards, smartboards, or document cameras have been used in the past to help teachers draw diagrams, show work, or explain concepts without the constructs of typing in a Word document. However, now that many schools across the US are conducting lessons virtually, these tools are no longer applicable. It may seem like a small inconvenience considering that this is a pandemic, however, being able to draw out ideas is extremely important to teaching and learning. …

Can Blockchain be used to solve the environmental crisis?

Many Almaden residents woke up to an unprecedented thunder and lightning extravaganza on Sunday, August 16th, despite an intense summer heatwave.

Picture: Lighting strikes in Palo Alto (Credits: Paul Dileanis of Greystone Almaden community)

The initial wonder soon gave way to shock and horror as the lightning strikes caused numerous forest fires and massive evacuations throughout the Bay Area during the week. While Almaden valley was spared, it was still surrounded by the SCU and CZU lightning complex fires from both sides, and many were worried about the possibility of the fires folding in or expanding due to more lightning strikes being forecasted for the future. …

An outreach program exploring Artificial Intelligence careers at the intersection of the sciences and humanities

Today, Artificial intelligence (AI) has manifested itself in all aspects of our lives, yet we see numerous use cases where AI has also failed in its purpose. Even if we dismiss the representation of AI in sci-fi movies as unnecessarily alarmist, we are all aware of how biased AI systems can impact real people’s lives. As an example, consider how Amazon’s AI recruiting software can penalize resumes for including the word “women” or Google’s photo identification software can label Black people as “gorillas”. Bias is inevitable when the algorithms driving AI rely on datasets and images that are classified and…

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