Like any pyramid scheme, my identity (and my ego) required frequent inputs. As the months wore on following the car accident, I found myself increasingly alone. As both friends and strangers stepped away, the inputs stopped, and my confidence was broken. My identity was no longer supported, and it collapsed.
An Inconvenient Truth: My Identity Was A Pyramid Scheme
John Morris

I like this thought. I often find myself chasing the next input to feed my identity (for me it has been predominantly money and recognition of achievements) to sustain “happiness” in my life, only to find those inputs empty once achieved/obtained. It always leads me back to my mom who then leads me back to God. Time and time again, at these moments, I understand that His is the only relationship that can sustain the true joy, not “happiness,” that I am actually seeking. And yet, I find myself making this realization over and over again. Life is a journey.

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