Samsung’s Bizarre Emojis
Jackson Roberts

haha.. it’s their culture. Icons were made in google, microsoft, apple emojis..unfortunately, in that super user’s culture where Samsung has been grown and survived, won’t work. too plain.. Remember, everything happens in USA now.. a few asian countries’ users had created, been experienced at least one decade ago.(those super users feel so much pride themselves, strong confidence with their sense and A Taste. When we were used/holding a flipped phone, they ate, slept, lived by smart phone, yah~ already done noname facebook, msm likely before 2006)

Additionally, in science journal articles, we must put references, but in tech flow, we totally ignore to say, “how my idea begins.. what articles,.. where i’m inspired from.” don’t want to open, only be born out to be a hero( different!) then no criticize-when heard Jesus was born from a virgin woman. A-men. we should get challenging and challenged ‘be open mind!’-if we are different than just 90's dot com boom generation( so-called stepping stones of early hedge fund firm)

trust me.. Samsung would want to add more details in emojis or emojis combined with AI. They still don’t feel good enough in their culture(indeed a little competitive with kakaotalk)

ps- “too old fashion emojis!” you will say..after 10years later. aren’t we lazy picky users?