How to make Your Chemistry Research Paper Get Visualized with Javascript and D3 in DigitalOcean

Begin with Dr. Fendorf’s paper..

How many methods does the research paper contain?

Synchrotron Method:5

Re-doxidation reaction:6


Throw into the pie chart.

Something like this.

However, every method is originated from other reference publication. Here is the magic.

One single method never end up by itself. It multiples more than 3 to 5. Average.

Actually in his paper only 2 proposal methods and ended with open-ended questions about Arsenic. It’s interesting. Higher academic paper, more cited and more adapted from other research papers.

That’s the reason I overwrite the method tree database more often in digitalocean.

And bind D3 with data.

It looks easy but learns chemistry by pulling out the data.