Woman’s Day = ‘No-Bra Day’

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My Bra Day?
My no-Bra Day?

I got a stunning question from my VC(venture capitalist) in elevator.

“Why you’re not wearing Bra (in public)?”

He was not insulting me sexually. He’s more worried about my public reputation, how other investors get misinterpreted.. Yes, I know. I’m not wearing bras, avoiding to wear bras everyday. Since I became a startup guy after age 30s beats doing it, and wanted to start my own business with a patent, I never have wanted to feel good enough for someone else. I would be 100% true of myself. That’s the one of reasons I got out of the science lab. But, in SF Financial District, it still matters what you wear to work. Even boyish outfit and my short hair-cut send a message of different class or social-justice ironically. I’m not 100% totally and never get interested girl as a sexual partner. But the culture in SF, it’s so much difficult for me to express myself. I don’t want to be a Woman called ‘fancy’ as unconventional woman either. I just need to wear a simple and natural style. It’s easy for me to get out of the bed early in the morning before the stock market starts, and stay in office, work crazy(happy) long hours til midnight(sometimes I fall asleep at work). So What? I don’t have to be too much to say how I’m uncomfortable with an Elastic/lubber band feeling over my chest. I should ask them back, those looking at/searching my nipples.

Can you be wrapped with elastic bands for 24 hours(at least 3hours)?

You know Why I gave up the bra?

My bra, (the chest- my body), never had the freedom to be natural. This causes all kinds of superficial behavior. As teens, I was struggled with finding shirts that fit, bras that were comfortable. shoulder …. my parents were not affordable to get right fitting size every month.. So my growing but was not really pleasure to me. And you know how teen girls are aware of changes in body.. even they are worried about how other people think of the bra size (too big or too small?).

Later, I found that it’s psychology. I worried too much what other people think of my bra size and got influenced turnout in social justice, isolation.. anxiety.. I realized that the fear of what other people think doesn’t matter with my life. Of course, I should not be limited by the fear what the male thinks. Don’t want to say “Not Proud/Proud without bra.” Just let me go of the life deeply. I would love to open a Bra locker boost in public at once if we have a Woman’s SF startup festival;)! It truly happens in future soon.

My nipple covers- giving social acceptance.

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Woman’s day is today. Try no-bra.

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Happy Mother’s Day!