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April 22, 2019

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Letter sent on Apr 22, 2019

Monday — Late is the new on time Edition!

The Blues Brothers make their world premiere on Saturday Night Live (1978); Actor Jack Nicholson born (1937)

Heath ዟ


I. News

II. Featured on the Front Page

III. Publication Shout Out

I. News

Not a lot to report this time, but:

  • Indira Reddy has a new publication (no, she hasn’t left Literally Literary!). You should give it a look!
  • We’re looking into launching some new features at Literally Literary. One of these that we’ve officially decided on is a section about the writing process. We keep getting submissions for them and, frankly, I’m tired of turning them away. We feel it’s related enough to literary writing that it fits here. So, if you’ve got pieces about the process of writing, inspiration, education, or just want to expound on the experience of being a writer, how it feels and what it means to you, send em on in! They still need to be somewhat related to literary writing, however. If I get something on how to write self-help articles — el rejecto!
  • I wanted to restate that the focus of Literally Literary is literary writing. This does not involve Essay pieces unless those essay pieces are about a literary work, or (new) essays on the writing process and experience as related in the point above. This does not include editorial pieces, lists, self-help, advice, etc. We publish stories and poetry.

II. Featured on the Front Page

You can find it here: Literally Literary Front Page, baby!

These will also be featured on Twitter and Facebook (and soon Instagram and possibly other social media sites, we’ll keep you posted), so, if you do not wish your writing to be displayed outside of Medium, please let us know.

Also, if you would like to be tagged in your Twitter shout-outs and you don’t have a Twitter account visible on your Medium account, please feel free to leave a private note on your piece with your Twitter name, and if it is selected for the front page, we’ll be sure to use that.

Finding a new home at Literally Literary:

My Side/Your Side

by Heath ዟ

Goethe’s Lament

by Heath ዟ

Newly Featured at Literally Literary:

The Rekindling of Swan

by Giovanni Sonier

Wherever Men Eat Words

by Elle Rogers

The Writer

by J. Lender

Rope Swing

by Trisha Traughber


by Anna Rozwadowska

How Do I Show Myself Love in 2019?

A Tedx Talk, Fearless Woman’s Summit, and a Real Man
by Fierce Force


by Michael Stang

Japanese Magnolia

by Randy Shingler

In another life

by Existence

Let Me Fail

by Agnes Louis

Her Body Longs

by Nupoor Raj

Masters Still

Even When Control Is Fleeting
by Ngang God’swill N.

Girls Who Get Themselves in Trouble

by Donna Barker

Dancing for Peace

by Crystal Jackson

III. Publication Shout Out

This week we’d like to recognize:

Lit Up — The Land of Little Tales

“Welcome to the Land of Lit Up. Here you can read and submit short stories, flash fiction, poetry — in brief, your own legend. We’re starting little. But that’s how all big stories begin.”

Stop by and give DiAmaya Dawn, A Maguire, Pat Link, and Tom Conley a wave!