Android Play Store Release & App Marketing

Recently created a checklist for a client who is getting ready for Android Play Store release.

A.) AppName — Prepare yourself with the following stuff beforehand.

Store Listing — Application details, Screenshots & Icons

B.) Lookup similar name apps to understand uniqueness of your app name

C.) Keystore Creation — Always safely store key Store password & file.

Will be useful while updating this application again.

D.) Google+ and Facebook — You need to update the SHA1 keys once you sign the APKs

(You will not require Licence key if you application is not paid or does not have in-app purchase)

E.) Push Notifications — Add Push Notifiction — Sender ID key in GCM Console

F.) You can put YouTube Video in Promo Video

G.) Screenshots — You can upload maximum 8 Screenshots.

These are some cool websites to generate screenshots.

H.) Application version and build version number check will help you understand analytics better

I.) Check 3rd Party Library / SDK — Production Guide

Crashalytics, Mixpanel, and advertising frameworks release guide

J.) Keyword Policy — You can’t stuff keywords. They can suspend your apps if you stuff too many keywords

  • Don’t mention any irrelevant keywords
  • Use SensorTower and ASO tools for understanding keywords
  • Google’s Review Process is all automatic — there are no human reviewers.
  • If their keyword scanner detects anything they will just suspend your app
  • Keywords will be picked from title, description, and short description

K.) Google Search Advantage -

If you add multiple languages, app discovery would be far better.

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