By killing Einstein, you are not changing anything.

I’m not sure whether my hypothesis works or not. However, as maximum it is going to find some niche and discussion board, leastwise will stay as presumption and nothing more.

I’m not an expert in game-theory, math, especially chaos theory which refers to butterfly effect, or when things even come to quantum mechanics.

I’ve never had an opportunity to read Ray Bradbury’s work called “ A Sound of Thunder”, although I had the opportunity, as such, but I’ve never cared about it. 
I know that it refers to butterfly effect, which is on its own describes that minor change/s in past could possibly highly unlikely to the genuine one make great amount of changes in future or development rounds.

I have an idea that says most of you had seen movie “Back to the future”, as I in my childhood or juvenile time period did. There was a guy called “Morty”, who could with “Rick prof.” move to the desired destination in time and space and do whatever they want. In the end of the movie they have passed the period of screwing up of “Morty” in possible crash with Rolls Royce, so that “Morty”should have paid all of his lifeline for car crash. Did you catch the strange logic?

Recently I’ve played a game called Life is Strange, which is actually pretty impressive, and literally made me cry, but one thing made me cry for the logic too. Characters were talking about chaos theory in case of “time rewind” which have been discovered by protagonist so that time created some really strange and catastrophically weird things like climate change. By the way their antagonist was not some subject but the time itself. Overall, I had some misunderstandings too like I believe there might work quantum mechanics not the chaos theory, because we have literally bunch of uncertain and undetermined values which could possibly create such ending though.

The same strange logic which might not work in real time?

So, analysis on such things says that we must give things value in other “impact” dimesion, like some minor things got a really big impact, some of them not and in inversed/reversed/whatever order with major things.

Main problem discovered by me was a “slippery slope argument”, which is really not true in case our time case, like your parents saying that if your grades are bad, you will be a street sweeper, however even with good marks we’ve got a possibility of things that subject will become a street sweeper, haven’t we?

Possibilities and decisions are with respect to the game theory, and the chaos or actions which are not repeating are probably relate to chaos theory, but Schrodinger’s cat and possibilities are radically different things. For possibility we can give some value, while for quantum one not, so that can’t we totally give some value to the future?

Nope, I meant something else actually . As you’ve seen from the beginning of this article I said that you can’t kill Einstein. 
Let us assume that you’ve already did that. Seems to me that in “slippery slope” mode you would answer in the way like most people answer: “No scientific progress”. But,oh, stop it you!

The really big answer which defines that we are going to have scientific progress brake of the science by church in medieval time if I’m not mistaken. As, we see, we could still get whatever we want. By killing same Einstein the reality of the theory of relativity wouldn’t and someone else could assume that. It’s because of the curiosity of human kind. Such stages will happen wherever they will take place and whenever they will become explored.

Some cultures die, some of them still remain alive, because of their proper decision-making of the whole system itself not only them though, but the facing of cosmopolitanism and internationality is inevitable. In the end we still gonna face only pair of cultures and no more. 
Experience shows that people are tend to choose easier and ergonomic version of everything, and in face of world politics democracy, I hope, will somehow evolve to something greater and will create better society.

Whatever, my premise was about that minor changes will not really work. If some person died in 1969, however he supposed to die earlier in long term case it wouldn’t affect to the base overall, because system regenerates and creates for such reason another subject or object.

So, I think I could come up with the idea that supposed to defeat effect of butterfly in real world entities relationship in long term case.