Just some angriness on some fool people whom I face almost everyday

It’s a such a shame to see people who are getting formally better/smarter than you by the irrational and injustice way. Oh,sorry but it seems to be OK for people who are paying for this,while other group which are funded by not parents but by whole nation, for them it is a greater one. 
Hmm, you say “No Way!” but stay there, look throughly, could you see any people who are likely to have a life goals, break the ice? 
Yeah, those ones don’t appreciate such action .
Well dive qute deeper into, you see? Those guys, who do not realize what to do, who do not do even given things right, they must be humiliated. 
Oh, stop, does all of em bother me?
Nah, the ones who stand against me trying to fight with golden unfair machine guns. 
But, I will stay strong even if things go into much more deeper hole. 
I swear you