You are not alive.

Sorry, please, do not give every hecking moment meaning. Sit down on the floor. Oh, sorry, lie down, and do not even try lie to me. Close your eyes, and let your ears become your leading sensation organ.

DId you came up with the shit like soul? I”M ASKING YOU! Oh, could you stop just thinking about your goddamn love? JUST STOP ABOUT THAT SHIT!

We all consist of particles. Little fucking little particles, in your head, in your dumb ass. Everywhere. Those particles interact with each other. like cell which came out of ur papa’s cock and created a dumb life being like you. That cell contained some algorithm table in it, called DNA, which described somhow your mortality or existence, but not your life,I mean that u don’t even live.

Then ovule that was fertilized will somehow drink all nutrition in the way to create ur body and make sure that you are getting pretty enough portion of it. 
After 9 monthes of struggle ur goddamn body which contains combined dna of ur parents will somehow affect on you. So that you are lying here, in the mood of shit, thinking about your mortality and essence.

Processes which let you think, breath with fresh dose of the air of 21% oxygen and 78% of nitrogen, are those that let you come up with the idea of soul.
But, you are so weak. You are nothing. One bullet and your head gonna blow up in n-dimensional world through time and space.

Repeat after me, there is no soul.

In our lab, we’ve created a killing machine, absolute copy of ur butthole, but he is way more smarter than you, sorry. Even he doesn’t thik that he does have a soul that goddamn soul .

Your brain is in neurons,thinking how to save your ass. Processes which go after em,let you breath, think, whatever, but ur body only is about processes of some particles and nothing more. Every existence being is about how to save his ass, and you fuck, fuck in order to create a life being which contains half of your DNA, and he will fuck , everybody fucks. That is the process of your life.

We are not alive, we just exist in little time and space.100 years in space scales is really tiny so it is not shiny. We can’t save anything except those little cells which would let some female give a birth. We have no soul, every moment our carotid artery can be fucked up with some knife. No oxygen will flow to your brain, you are dying, STOP, processes have been interrupted with some cunt. Nothing more.

There is no pain. There is no emotions. There is no meaning.

Maybe after that you will rethink, giving some value to the things, make them work, load, and die?

We exist, but also we are not alive. Processes are just pair of algorithms from our DNA, giving a word *life* to us, and meaning.

So, burn brighter, please, and steady.