My First Remote Talk

Arpan Patel
3 min readApr 3, 2020


Hello Folks!🙌

Hope you are doing well during this quarantine and make sure you stay indoors. So apparently Quarantine is a big boredom to a lot of people. But according to me, it’s a very good time to learn new skills, work on your hobbies, spend time with family and whatnot.

Dumbledore rightly said

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of Times”

Amidst this, I came to know about this exciting event called Hack Quarantine. So it’s a people-focused hackathon bringing people together to use their skills to help combat the issues the world is facing with the COVID-19 pandemic and it was completely digital. It was very good to see such initiatives being carried out which help to improve one’s skills.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate the entire team of Hack Quarantine for hosting such a great event in a very short span of time. Secondly, it had both the flavour of uniqueness as well as innovation and being conducted on a digital platform, it provides a great extent to its essence. Initially, when I heard about Hack Quarantine(HQ), I went through their amazing website and came to know they are accepting CFP as well. I always wanted to give a remote talk and look to this as an opportunity and applied for myself.

I proposed my lightning talk on “Flutter”. Currently, I am exploring it and thought why not to address people as well about it!✨

I decided to pre-record my talk and available on live stream for QnA. The decision of pre-recording made me realise one thing for sure, recording and editing is not an easy job. But to be honest, I loved doing it. It was a bit tricky but it had its fun. Sometimes listening to your voice has its fun. It helped meto develop confidence as well!😎

Some after many retakes and basic editing, I ended up making the final video of my session.😉

I covered topics like What is Flutter, it’s functionalities and a hands-on session as well. I also tried to cover the basics of Flutter like Widgets, Stateless and Stateful etc. I stated a few important links as well so that beginners can get a proper walkthrough to the topic as well.

In the hands-on session, I showed how to create an App suggesting names and an infinite scroll.

src: Google Codelabs

I used the import ‘package:english_words/english_words.dart’; package for the English words. It suggested different names generated every time one scroll down with a set of English words. That’s pretty interesting right!

On April 27, my session was live on Twitch and for me, it was a great experience. I got up a few questions as well. It was very good to see a lot of folks had shown up and I hope it helped them.

Here are a few tips that I leant which helped me:

  1. Make a list of topics you want to cover
  2. Note down necessary link and references
  3. Just go through areas of a topic once before recording which might help to avoid chances of retakes!
  4. Just be yourself while delivering your session.
  5. If you are using some stuff from the Internet, it’s better to give credits to it.
  6. Provide links to your slides/code.

Also, want to add that team HQ had been very supportive throughout the event. Kudos to them!🎉

On the ending note, this experience brought to me a lot of new ideas and improvements. Team HQ has uploaded my session of their YouTube channel and you can find it here:

You can find me on Twitter and connect me on LinkedIn. ✌

With that set, Thank you very much and make sure you take care of yourselves and everyone else. I’ll see you around! 🙌



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