4 reasons why I’m not going to pay 15K for the AirPods

Withdrawal of the headphone jack and introduction of AirPods are certainly a game-changer in the market, foreshadowing a tangle-free era of wireless listening. But is it really worth the hype? If you are an Apple enthusiast, you might be intrigued enough to give them a try. That said, the early adopters are likely to have a hard time with the wireless technology and should think a few times before buying them. Here’s why:

These cordless wonders become prone to greater risks of getting lost: If you’re prone to losing your house keys, this wireless technology is definitely not for you. Owing to Apple’s apparent blindness to this obvious problem, AirPods are getting bashed everywhere. Of course, you don’t want to hold a stray AirPod in your hand with a constant tension of having them misplaced. Unless Apple introduces a GPS chip to go with each Airpod, they don’t sound like a good deal.

Charging another audio device is not what you really want: If you’re planning to buy the all-new Apple AirPods, don’t forget to add them to a list of things you need to charge. Charging another set of gadget, that too for listening music or using Siri, is the last thing anybody would have anticipated. On top of it, AirPods deliver just 5 hours of listening time at one go. AirPods are charged in a charging case that has its own battery life of 24 hours. That means, you have to charge a charger that charges the Airpod. Too much charging happening there. Good luck with that!

Apple’s AirPods design backfires:

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Since Apple’s launch event, there have been hilarious responses to Apple’s latest innovation. Twitter users mocked AirPods and indeed, some of them make sense.

It’s one-quarter of the price of iPhone 7: AirPods will allegedly hit the shelves in late October at a glaring retail price of Rs.15,400. 15K is a big ask on the top of a new 60K iPhone. To pay this much for something you know you’re going to lose every now and then doesn’t sound very appealing.

Since the AirPods are easy to lose, need charging every 5 hours, it’s no wonder there will be multiple hitches owing to the absence of the conventional headphone jack. Yes, this new wireless technology will let you stream music, ping Siri, and talk on the phone, but is it still worth 15K?

Fascinated enough to give these small pair a try or are you already scared of AirPods falling out of your ears? Let us know in the comments below.document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);