10 things I’ve learned in life

1.) The purpose of life — There comes a time when all of us wonder “What is the purpose of life ?” You think about it, you read books, you read blogs and do stuff to find about it. I’ve done it all and the only thing i understood is that, It’s a complicated thing to understand. Every minute you’re spending trying to understand it, is a minute you’re not living it. The only purpose of life is to be happy. Do stuff that makes you happy, it is then that life would make sense to you. Live every moment being happy, that’s why you were sent here.

2.) Career — I worked for a company for about 4 years before starting up my own business. I had a decent salary, literally unlimited leaves, a good job profile (actually kick-ass) but let me be honest, I hated my job. I hated doing stuff I did. It sucks to do stuff that you don’t like to do and if it’s a full time job you’re dead. And that’s what I learned about career here, choose something that you love to do. Not only you’d survive life, you’d be happy. Do stuff you feel is interesting, get better at it and discover ways to make money out of it. You might just do something amazing with life.

3.) Family — Family is the most important thing in life. Your family is what you were, what you are and what you will be. Our families have made some sacrifice or the other to keep us happy and to provide us the best they could. You can never pay them back for what they’ve done for you. All you can do, is make them proud of you and make them feel their sacrifices were worth it.

4.) Friends — Friends are family you choose. Right from my school days to this day, one thing I've learnt about friends is that its’s better to have a few genuine friends you can trust, than to have a large no. you can flaunt about. As you grow up, most of the times you’d choose your friends to discuss all the shit in life before you discuss it with your family, and thats why it’s important to have friends who care. Real friends won’t really have to show they care. They won’t really call you every day, They won’t be there with you to hang out every day, but yes, they’d be the first ones to be there for you whenever you need them. Make good friends, be there for them when they need something and forget about every trouble in life, as they are there for you.

5.) Money — Money is important, but it’s not the most important thing in life. It is something that should be kept in pocket and not in your mind. It is a stupid thing to compromise with your standard of life and things you want to do, for the sake of saving money. I’m not saying you should not save, but make sure you’re not wasting your present over things over a future that’s not even guaranteed. And yeah the most important thing i’ve learnt and i’m actually happy i learnt it — “Instead of cutting down your expenses, do things that would make you earn more money”.

6.) Love — Hehe.. (This is going to be interesting :P) Love can either consign you to heaven, or it can consign you to hell”. My school friends and my friends in college would agree to this after all sorts of examples we’ve seen at the respective places. We’ve witnessed people screwing their lives over someone they fell in love for no reason in school and literally beating some asses over their unconfirmed, one sided love :P and we have also seen people living happily after they got married to someone they fell in love with in college :) We are surrounded by people all the time when we’re growing up and we tend to get attracted to a lot of people. But that doesn’t mean falling for all of them. You can’t really try and fall in love. You can’t really fall for someone because your best friends think you’re perfect for each other. And definitely not because someone tells you that they’ve already sacrificed their lives for you. That’s complete bullshit. Always make sure that when you’re saying “Yes” to someone, you’re not saying “No” to yourself. Spend time with people, let people know you like them. Share your thoughts and forget about them. Don’t force it upon yourself or the other person. Things have a way of happening, they’d happen if they’re meant to be.

8.) Marriage — Don’t get married if — A.) Your neighbours, relatives, family friends, laundry guy, cleaning lady,land lord, cook etc. think you should. B.) You’re done with your studies, got a job and all you’ve not done is produce babies for your family members to play with. C.) You don’t have a few things and you think you can get them in dowry. D.) You think you’re not ready.. I think marriage is the biggest decision in life and you have every right to take a decision regarding it on your own. Don’t go for it, if you’re not sure.

PS: It is completely alright to tell your parents that you’d get married once you’ve done something significant with your lives.

9.) Society — I hate the very concept of humans being social beings. Humans started as apes and gradually turned into people that talk behind each others back. People in ancient times made rules, principles and guidelines to maintain a superiority over people. The rich could do anything they wanted and could punish the poor if they did something they felt wasn’t right. Unfortunately, much hasn’t changed. But you can change. Don’t be suppressed with any kind of pressure and choose not be in dogma. The next time someone tells you “Don’t do this, Don’t do that, Don’t go there, what will people think ?” Well tell them that they”ll get to know you have the balls to do whatever you want and that you don’t care about the society. THAT would be the moment you’d be proud of yourself and THAT would transform you completely.

10.) Believe in yourself — Sometimes you are the only person you have. Believe in yourself. Have the courage to work towards your dream, No one but you know what you’re truly capable of doing. Spend some time alone and talk to yourself, when you do it you’re talking to your heart and the heart always knows what the best for you. This is the best way to discover yourself. Once you’ve discovered yourself, half of the troubles in life are already gone…..