Do I have a story to tell? Medium’s question to me.

“Tell your story”. This is the first thing Medium asks me whenever I login. And then I ask myself “Do I have a story to tell?”.

Not many people say this to me. Thanks for asking me Medium.

Of course I do.

In fact I have a lot of stories. But do I want to share my stories? I don’t really know. Some of them are stupid, some of them make no sense at all. Some of them are unbelievable. So unbelievable that sometimes even I don’t believe they really happened to me. Some of them are miraculous. When I was in deep neck shit and something I can’t explain saved my ass from results I can only imagine. Some are ridiculously funny. I love these stories, they are my fvt. They make me believe I’m alive. Some are inspiring. Yes, some of my own stories inspire me. Some are stupid. Stupid to the core. Yes, I’ve been stupid. Like most people I also have sad stories. Sitting in one remote corner of my mind these stories knock at my brain’s door often. They’re just just sad and nothing else, so they’re not allowed inside. (I’ve kind of black listed them as they don’t add any value to me.)

Yes, I have all kinds of stories. We all do. Because we humans are nothing more than stories. We write some, we create some, we live some, we forget some. We’re all stories. And what a wonderful thing it is to realize it. Because the moment we do, we try our best to write the best ones. Or to play our part in other people’s stories in the best way possible to be remembered in a good way. To mean something. To be loved than to be hated. To be meaningful than to just exist. To make a difference than to just go on with the status quo.

Isn’t it beautiful that we change our stories just by realizing that at the end of the day we’re nothing but a story?