Hunt Begins

So it was not our idea to launch Moonpitch to global community yet. We didn’t know whether we were ready for the global community. We wanted to test and work on feedback first.

What is Moonpitch ?
Moonpitch is a platform to create beautiful career pages in just 5 minutes without any technical and design skills.

In last couple of weeks we started testing Moonpitch with some clients within our network. We gave the demo to one of our friends and asked him for feedback and suggestions before officially launching it. He got so impressed with the product that he thought it’s time. So he posted it on Hacker News. For us, it turned out awesome.

We started getting some views and comments. After a day we started getting a lot of traffic to our main page as we checked the source, voila it was producthunt. Immediately we asked each other about how we got on producthunt.

Top Ten in Producthunt

We checked our email and found the twitter notification of Eric Willis from Producthunt. Thanks Eric Willis for hunting us down :)

Lot of up votes started pouring in. We got excited and started to see the upward trend in google analytics.

Our chat client on the home page started to buzz with excited users and their suggestions and queries. We buckled up for night out.

Sign ups were coming from Canada to South Africa. One of the most important thing for us was acceptance of the product from global community. We didn’t planned for the global product launch but it happened for good.

We wanted to do a planned product validation. But producthunt provided the perfect platform for that.

We realized a lot of people shared our vision of the product and the direction we were choosing to move forward. Lot of big companies also joined the platform.

It’s been a roller coaster ride for the last week and we are now ready to move forward with greater confidence.

We Learned A Lot In Matter of Hours

Received lot of valuable insights about the product and are working immediately to launch those features.

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