Thought on Current Generation of Entrepreneurs

I think it all went wrong the day we started walking on the same path everyone one else was and I am not talking about my job, I am talking about entrepreneurship.

It has been same story with lots of guys I hang out with these days. They all want to do something of their own. They all are really smart guys having most qualified degrees and had highly paid jobs in the past. They left everything to be different. To do something of their own. Everything is fine till this moment but most of us hadn't realized why we were doing that whether we had some purpose or just because we had the guts to do it or we wanted to be super rich. I don’t know about others but I started asking questions for my own choice of leaving my job and doing something of my own.

It’s been an year till I registered my company and started working on few things. I am currently running not very big but still a profitable company. We hadn't raised any money and not looking for in the near future. Our clients are happy with us and things are going OK.

Then whats bothering me and why this post. It started with revaluation of what we were doing.

It’s been an year since we embarked on this journey. What we were doing was not enough. Not for us, not for guys we hang out with and not for the VCs approaching us and in all this criticism and revaluation of our start up strategy I got confused. How to look for new ideas and how to take my company from million to billion scale. I forget the simple fact that why I started on this path.

“Entrepreneurship is like falling in love”

It starts like a fire in you heart. Every moment feels like you are living on seventh heaven. You have purpose, you have excitement and best of all a direction to move forward. You think this period is not going to end but it slowly dawns on you that this time will pass too and you are in it for some serious shit. Like love its also about commitment.

It gets pathetic when people leave job to search for ideas to work so that they can start their own company. It removes the idea of purpose and freedom from the picture and it becomes a rat race again.

“A dream is bigger than an idea.”

Wright brothers had a dream to see humanity flying and they did it. That was the true spirit of entrepreneurship not the guys developing some cheesy apps and calling themselves entrepreneurs. Believe me I am not envious of others success. What I am trying to say is, in order to avoid the rat race we have participated in another one (search for idea, work on it , pitch to VCs, earn some money and do it again if possible). We are too far away from dreams or visions and concentrating only on ideas that could be successful.

I agree not everyone could be Bill Gates, Jobs or Elon Musk. Still try to be true to your self, your dream before you start on this journey instead of an idea. If you are not able to follow what I am trying to say have patience, you will one day.

Remember the most important thing is your DREAM, FREEDOM and LIFE.

I forgot the simple reason for which I started and endeavored on this journey. I wanted to be with my college friends and enjoy every moment of my life like a picnic on a beach while doing great work and that’s my dream. Not to get rich or make a billion dollar company. Its perfectly okay if you make some money during the journey. But always remember the primary reason why you were on that journey. If its only to get rich your life is already fucked even if you have billion dollars.

My life has been like a sunny day on a beach for last one year. I get tanned sometimes a little more than usual but still its worth it.

The quotes from Jobs Stanford speech aptly fits for current generation of Entrepreneurs (except few) -

“Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

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