How to Create XSDs and WSDL

XSD Creation —

2. Create a new folder

3. Do right-click on this folder and create a new XML schema file

4. The file will be created and will look like this-

Initial auto-generated file

Here you can give your own Target namespace and other attributes. If you don't have any then use a dummy one. All your resources will be available there only.

5. Then, look for the “Design” section at the bottom. A screen will appear like this-

6. Start creating the elements by doing a right-click in the Elements section

7. Don't forget to specify the data type and cardinality

8. Your final structure will look something like the below-




WSDL Creation

8. Do a right-click on the folder and look for the WSDL file type

9. Once you create a wsdl then this is how it will look like-

10. Go to the design section

a. Decide how many services you want to create i.e For submission and to get the status back

b. For each scenario, you will have to create different services-

c. Create Service, Port, Port Type

d. For different services, you need to create a different port

e. Don't forget to generate the binding.




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