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Last year a lot of things happened, this year I fought back, took actions, and kinda worked on my checklist. This was a very different year, a year full of things and events.


My mom, whom nobody had ever seen sick before had a major heart attack and I spent my next 2 month, if not physically at least mentally in Jaipur. …

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There are on an average 1.5 million (that’s 1,50,00,000) engineers graduating in India each year, what is it that differs you from the rest from being just any other undergraduate/fresher to getting a good start of your careers?

10 tips to getting started in a professional life:

1. Be confident:

“Confidence is the key to success”

Your confidence stems from two basic things — your skill set and your communication skills. If you are confident, the person hiring you will be confident that you are a good fit for the job.

Know yourself first, because companies want right people, not the best people. If you know your strengths and weaknesses, and how your virtues can be made to suit your job, you’ll have just the right amount of confidence. …

Hello fellow Indians!
How are you doing? How was your day? (I hope good, I don’t want to be called anti-national)

Let’s talk about ourselves and our motherland India. It is great, right?

After all 36% of scientists at NASA are Indians (36-of-scientists-at-NASA-are-Indians by T.O.I)

actually No.

Yes India is great, but not the NASA thing, ex-Indians/Indian Immigrant scientists at NASA are not even near to 36%. NASA employees of Asian origin sums up to 8.3%.

Here’s a NASA employee’s answer on question “What percentage of NASA employee are Indian?”

Still! UNESCO declared Indian National Anthem best in the world, Really ? …

Lately, I was working with Angular-UI bootstrap and wanted to customize Datepicker (Bootstrap Angular-UI’ Datepicker) as this:

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Angular UI Bootstrap’ Default Datepicker (Left) to Modified Datepicker (Right)

It was not very difficult but, also not the easiest thing to do. Now, if you‘re planning to customize Angularjs components, your friend have it all figured out for you :

  1. Recently with release 0.14.0 AngularJS-UI prefixed all components.

Here are the changes that needs to be done for each component if you are upgrading to v0.14.0 Migration guide for prefixes

If not, your code is fine without prefixes, but you still need to understand that the documentation at there website is for post-release v0.14.0, …

All These extensions are free, so there’s no harm in giving them all a try — you can easily disable or remove them by typing chrome://extensions/ into the Chrome address bar and something similar for Firefox as well.

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Chrome Web Store

If you’re Not much of a Developer / Designer ?
look at this list of general extensions for every user: List of Essential Extensions

  1. ColorZilla : Advanced Eyedropper, Color Picker, Gradient Generator and other colorful goodies. also available for Mozilla Firefox (ColorZilla for firefox)
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2. Pesticide for Chrome : outlining each element to better see placement on the page, you can debug your code for misalignments or floating elements easily. …

If you are working at Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, Tata Consultancy Services or any other Mass Recruiting Company, usually, IT-Services based Multinational Company.

You are one of those 300,000 employees (TCS as of March 2015)
+ 35,000 freshers (TCS aimed at hiring for the year 2015)

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Tata Consultancy Services and Employee

What you are :

  1. You’re nobody, nobody else knows you, except for your team, not even people whose product you’re building.
  2. You can NOT have an opinion/perspective Just do it the way they say.
  3. You have No contribution towards growth of company (so for company you’re not valuable or maybe little valuable)
  4. Bonds with high…

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Google Chrome is a fast, simple and secure web browser, built for the modern web.

– Google

Chrome Web Store > Extensions

The majority of the extensions are free, so there’s no harm in giving them all a try — you can easily disable or remove them by typing chrome://extensions/ into the Chrome address bar.

1. Google Dictionary (by Google):

Whenever you find a word not in your dictionary, You Goggle it, right ? …

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This article is for Designers, Developers, Product Managers, Founders or anybody who is part of design feedback loop. You can understand design flow better and give necessary feedback at right time and have clear expectations from design depending on which stage it is.

Interactive/Web designer

Design is a widely used word. It is applied to any process where an outcome is being planned rather than relying on chance. So people in all sorts of occupations speak of designing aspects of their business activities.

Design-related roles exist in a range of areas from industrial design (cars, furniture) to print (magazines, other publications) to tech (websites, mobile apps), etc. here’s a list from Wikipedia. With the relatively recent influx of tech. …


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