Test of FOSSASIA Open Event Android App on Google IO 2017 sample event

The main aim of FOSSASIA Open Event Android App is to give the event organiser the ability to generate the app through a single click by providing the necessary json and binary files.

Recently the android app was tested on Google IO 2017 event. The information regarding the event was taken from this site (https://events.google.com/io/registration/). What was amazing about this app is the ease with which we can create an event specific app by providing the necessary resources needed (json and binary files).

What was needed for generating the Google IO 2017 app?

For generating the app we had to provide the following files:

  1. images folder containing the necessary images of speaker, the logo of the event etc.
  2. event json file which has all the event specific information like the name of the event, the schedule of the event, the description of the event etc.
  3. forms json file having session and speaker form data.
  4. meta json file having the root url of the event.
  5. microlocations json file having all the locations where the events are going to happen.
  6. session_types json file consisting data of all the type of session which will occur in the vent.
  7. sessions json file consisting session specific data like the title of the session, start time and end time of session, which track that session belongs to etc.
  8. speakers json file consisting of speaker specific data like the name of the speaker, image of the speaker, social links of the speaker etc.
  9. sponsers json file consisting list of all sponsers of the event.
  10. tracks json file consisting of tracks specific data.
  11. config.json file which consists of the api url, app name.

After providing the required information we go to this site (http://droidgen.eventyay.com/) and the first thing this site asks us is the email id. Then we upload the required files mentioned above in a zip folder and we have a apk which we can test it out on our Android phone.

How did the Google IO 2017 sample app look like?

The sample app looked like this as seen in the pics below:

What were the issues found in the sample app?

There were certain things found hard-coded in the app like the app name, the about us text. Also the color theme of the app remained the same which is not a very good. We should provide the event organiser as much options to customise the app according to their event needs.

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