Adventurous Honeymoon Destinations

The traditional Indian marriage is an event that is too full of excitement and plenty of activities where almost everyone has something to do and contribute. As the bride or the groom, you may just get into the thick of things though the events are primarily going to be surrounding you instead of allowing you to lead them all. Whether it is a destination wedding or a themed one back at home, each couple is sure to look forward to one or even a couple of weeks bliss in the form of the honeymoon.

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Making the choice

Just as the community matrimony wedding theme reflects your personal style and the taste almost projecting both your personalities on the wall, the choice of your honeymoon destination too should be in accordance with your nature — free and adventurous.

· You have plenty of adventure options both in the Orient as well as in the West and depending on your preference choose the zone from watching the sun rise in Japan to go deep-sea fishing in the Caribbean.

· If you are a sea enthusiast, there are the Pacific Island that have plenty of opportunities to go underwater diving and experiencing the total silence deep down in the leagues watching the colorful flora and fauna go past by.

· There is the choice of the Himalayan road trip from Tibet to Nepal where you will be one with the high altitudes, the shimmering white snow on the mountains and experiencing the majestic grandeur of nature. Visiting the Monasteries and watching the local festivals will add the spiritual flavor to the adventure.

· If you wish to go all out adventure all you can head for the Rocky Mountains and the slopes of Colorado skiing, ice skating or snowboarding in the cold days or take the horseback ride and the hikes or go river rafting when the snow melts — it pure fun and bliss.

· Another hot destination for adventurous honeymoon trips are the African countries where there are the options of the Safari, going for the camel back rides and exploring the sanddunes while also getting enough of swimming and snorkeling.

· There are also the alluring Pyramids and the cultures to enjoy in Egypt with the climbing of the Mount Sinai at night to watch the sun rising over the valley and experience it as it was thousands of years back.

· There are also more offbeat options like Colombia where you can visit the erstwhile most dangerous city the Medellin that is now a beautiful city with the green-coated mountains extending as far as the eyes can see.

· Mexico is another option where you are sure to find all kinds of options for hiking to the ancient ruins, enjoying the deep water experiences and going on the land adventures too.

· Not to forget the exciting Western Australia where wildlife abounds on land as well as the waters giving you the opportunity to paraglide over the waterfalls or swim with the whales.

Whichever part of the planet that you may choose for the adventurous honeymoon week after enjoying the company of too many people familiar for the community matrimony, you are sure to come back surged with the awesome feeling of what nature has to offer.