Applying Mehendi: The Latest Wedding Trend in Grooms

After choosing the life partner from, plan and list the latest wedding trends in grooms to make the marriage event best remembered, the tradition of applying mehendi on the palms of the would-be bride goes back to time immortal. Why this tradition was started and who started it is not known, but it is believed that applying henna is considered auspicious. A practice most prevalent in the Indian sub-continent and middle — east, no marriage is considered complete till the henna is applied on the palms of the bride. However, not many know that in earlier times, it was not only the bride, but the grooms as well who got henna applied on their palms! There is a scientific reason behind applying henna on the palms of the bride and groom. It is believed that mehendi application is done basically to calm down the anxiety levels of the bride and groom. The colour that comes along with it is an additional bonus. Earlier a simple affair, now bridal and groom mehendi is a form of art.


Off late, applying mehendi on the groom’s palm is becoming a thing in vogue. Grooms too are getting all excited and set for experimenting with mehendi. From simple circles to intricate designs, men too are going gaga over mehendi. So, if you are one of those grooms who wants to be a part of the latest trend, look no further. We have gathered for you latest ideas and trends for having your grooms mehendi applied:

  1. Simple circular or floral design: If you want to go in for a simple design, just get a simple circle or flower made right in the middle of your palm, with your bride’s initials in it. It will look simple, yet elegant.
  2. A fern at the back of your palm: If you are in for applying something more, yet not loud, then go in for a fern made on the back of your palm. It is sure to look amazing.
  3. Full hand design: This design has become more popular off late, thanks to the actor Ranbir Kapoor. He supported an intricate mehendi design on both his hands in the movie Ae dil hai mushkil. So, if you are ready to go a step ahead, then just go for it!
  4. Classic Arabic: As we know, Arabic designs are generally confined to single fern like designs or graphic designs, which don’t cover the full hand, but just a portion of it. It is hence ideal for grooms’ mehendi.
  5. Half palm Arabic and asymmetric: These designs are a mix of Arabic designs and asymmetric patterns and are applied only on half a palm.
  6. Tattoo inspired designs: Mehendi is nothing but a form of a temporary tattoo. Taking cue from this, would be grooms’ can go in for designs, which look like tattoos. These will look manly and awesome for sure!
  7. Bracelet like designs: If you are one of those grooms who like rustic and ethnic things, then this one is for you. Have a design made which resembles a thick bracelet on your wrist. A design which is surely a class apart!

Choose your favorite from the range of designs given and look like the best groom ever! All the best!

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