Dress code for Bridesmaid in a Christian wedding

Christian weddings and shadi have a different charm of their own. The whole set up of the whole wedding gala seems right out of a fairy tale book. The oh so well decked up groom in his crisp tuxedo, the beautiful bride in a pure white wedding gown, the aisle, band set up and so much more, make these weddings the dream of everyone. But one thing that makes a Christian wedding unique and distinct in their own right is the presence of bridesmaids. This group of girls mainly consists of the bride’s sisters or best friends. The main amongst them is the Maid-of –honor, who is usually the bride’s younger sister or best friend. The main duties of the bridesmaids consist of being with the bride while she is preparing for the wedding and to attend to her and help her in every way possible on the D Day. Hence, these girls hold optimum importance in a Christian shadi gala. They are the stars of the occasion, who oath to look good along with the bride. Here are some ideas that you can choose from when it comes to dressing up as bridesmaids:


· Matching dresses: All the bridesmaid should wear matching dresses, which make them distinct from the rest of the gathering. One look and the guests should know that these are the special girls of the event.

· Something extra for the maid-of-honor: Well, though the maid of honor should be in the same dress as the other bridesmaids, a little something special like a small bouquet or veil should be added to her attire to make her stand apart from the rest of the bridesmaids.

· Floral, pastel dresses: If the bride opts for a western flowing gown as her wedding attire, the bridesmaids should follow suite and opt for elegant floral or pastel dresses, which prove to be best option for the occasion.

· The Indian Tadka: In many Indian Christian weddings, especially down south, brides prefer wearing traditional sarees over western gowns. In such cases, the bridesmaids can go in for traditional Indian options like matching sarees or lehengas.

· Light jewelry: always opt for light jewelry in comparison to the bride’s heavy attire. This will make the bridesmaids look elegant and dainty.

· Lighter clothes than the bride: Always keep in mind that it is ultimately the Bride’s special day. So all the bridesmaids should make sure to dress a little less in comparison to the bride, so that she looks the prettiest amongst all.

· Comfortable shoes: always remember that during the ceremony, it is the bridesmaids who will do all the running around while attending to the bride. So if you don’t want to end up with sore feet, opt for comfortable shoes rather than pencil heels or stilettos.

The bridesmaids are actually the life and energy of every Christian wedding. They are the ones who add the fun and charm to the whole gala, making the day on the bride all the more special. So follow the given tips, and look like a charm of your best friend’s wedding, because you are worth it!