How Marriages Have Changed for Women in India.

The concept of marriage stems from the fact that everyone requires a life partner who can be with you throughout your life journey. We all strive for and look forward to that special someone who can help us achieve that ultimate quest for the perfect marriage. In this quest for a happy and healthy married life, invariably it used to be the woman who seemed to make the major sacrifices, letting go of her careers, looking after the husband and kids, managing daily chores and still be considered only a second fiddle to the almighty husband.

But things are changing quite quickly in the Indian society, with the modern woman striving for and successfully getting her rightful due in the society as a whole and her home also. No longer is the girl considered a glorified maid who happens to be married to the all-conquering male. She is having her say in all matters of her life and is able to dictate terms to anyone trying to interfere in her life decisions. Many matrimonial sites now have profiles of women seeking husbands who will allow them to work even after marriage.


Right from the outset these days the girl is given a choice in choosing her life partner. She can make an informed choice in regards to her life partner. No longer does she have to make do with what her parents or the society feel is right for her. She is able to communicate and make her decisions after she is able to make up her mind in regards to the compatibility of the boy. She is also able to lay down her part of the deal for what she considers are the guidelines for leading a happy life like if she wants to continue working after marriage or whether she is interested in having kids are some of the topics that she is able to discuss these days beforehand.

During the marriage ceremony itself, she is able to lay her foot down for deciding the scale of the wedding according to her financial condition. And the question of dowry simply does not arise for the super confident and independent modern girl. She is today capable of earning for herself and expensive gifts and loads of cash just to please the groom’s side is a strict no for her.

After the marriage itself she is able to decide for herself if she wants to work and make a name for herself or does she want to stay at home and become a homemaker. No longer is the society able to imply their regressive thought process on her in order to make her stay at home and work like a glorified maid. She is even able to support the family by her earnings and demands an equal status in the family due to her equal or in most cases more contribution to the family.

The times are definitely changing and the confident, independent and fearless woman of today is ready to take on the world and married life is now something that she can look forward to and enjoy.

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