Ideas to steal the groom’s shoes during the wedding

A big fat Indian wedding is a joyous occasion. The colours, fun and frolic seem endless in this celebration where two souls come together. But what makes the Indian wedding unique is the Pranks and jokes in the name of tradition, which keep the Indian wedding alive and happening. It is not only the special day for the bride and groom, but the whole bunch of their families, who have been active participants during all the wedding preparations. One of the most sought after tradition or prank during the whole ceremony is the Hiding of the groom’s shoes, popularly called Joota Chupai, by the Bride’s sisters and close friends. It is a fun filled ceremony, in which traditionally, the bride’s sisters hide the shoes removed by the Groom during the pheras. It is a battle between the bride’s and groom’s siblings and friends, where one set tries to steal the shoes, and the other side(groom’s), tries to protect them from the predators! If the Bride’s side is successful in stealing the shoes, they return them only after receiving a handsome amount of money or shagun from the groom. It is a tradition without which, every Indian matrimonial alliance seems incomplete. So here we bring you some unique ideas, with the help of which, you can steal the groom’s shoes in a jiffy:


· Bribe the Priest: The easiest way to steal shoes is to bribe the Pandit ji and request him to create a fake ceremony before the actual pheras, where the groom has to remove his shoes on the stage itself. This way, you’ll be able to catch the groom’s family off guard and steal the groom’s shoes easily.

· Eye spy: All families have distant relatives, who are not well known by either the groom or his family. Well, it’s time to give such relatives some importance. Find a distant cousin and make her breech the enemy camp as a friend. She’ll stay close to the sibling group in charge of protecting the shoes, and will report each and every move. This will make the theft easier.

· Bring it on the table: have a one on one session with the groom party, where you make it clear that this tradition will take place whether they like it or not. Then suggest something like a tug of war, where the winning party will take away the prized shoes.

· Super mom: Convince the bride’s mom to be a part of your team. When the mom in law politely asks the jamai raja for his shoes, there is no way in which he can say no!

· Emotional drama: When all fails, emotions and melodrama work. If you are unable to complete the task by hook, then become a crook! Cry and play on the emotions of the groom’s side by saying you failed miserably. Be assured, they themselves will hand over the shoes.

· The groom himself: This is the ultimate weapon. Praise the groom by saying something like I know my jiju is not a miser, he will take care of all the saalis. This oath to give a boost to the groom’s ego, and he himself will help you in hiding the shoes!

So there you have it! Follow these ideas and be assured of having an amazing joota chupai! All the best!

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