Is considering the ritual of kashi yatram sexist justified ?

Kashi yatram is the south Indian ritual in which the groom says that he doesn’t want to get married and its God whom he wants to meet. He knows that God is there in Kashi and by doing Kashi Yatram there will be some goodness that will enter into his life. So, some people who know about this ritual feel that it is a common ritual which many weddings consider as important. But in many other castes this is considered as unusual. Some people find this ritual sexy too. Well, it’s something truly exciting because, the uncle of the bride has to come and tell the groom that look the beautiful bride has been waiting for you since long and so rather than opting for Kashi yatra, he should marry her and start the family.


This ritual has many supporters and some feel that it’s not much relevant

There are many people who think that kashi yatra is a good ritual and is therefore an important part of Tamil matrimony. But some people feel that it is as good as the other rituals. In these weddings, the women wear amazing saris and of course lot of gold. But now many women have understood that wearing gold can actually create the safety issues and so due to they have started planning the wedding preparations well and many brides use the imitation jewelry or light gold jewelry. The heavy ones are good in the cabinets or lockers.

What the groom has to wear for the kashi yatra ritual?

The ritual kashi yatram is mainly done just before the wedding starts. So you can see that the groom might be in his wedding dress that is Dhoti in most of the cases. Then after that all of a sudden, he gets up from the mandap and states about his wish to go to kashi. Some people think that now is the time for the bride to come to him and seduce him so that he would not go anywhere else. But this is just for fun. Actually, it’s the uncle of the bride who will come and say to the groom that he should marry the bride as she is so nice and beautiful. Looking at her the groom’s mind will change. That’s the reason why this ritual is justified as the sexy one.

In the times when people actually love attending the weddings, what matters the most is, they don’t know what the rituals are and how they help in making the ceremony merrier. If you have attended weddings in Tamil matrimony before then this will help you in knowing what kind of rituals generally take place in these weddings and if you are doing it for the first time, then you need to get some knowledge first so that you can not feel out of the place. These weddings are at the day time and they are celebrated in a traditional way. Make the weddings feel amazing with the kind of options that are available.