Jewelry Essentials for a Working Bengali Woman After Marriage

Indian bridal jewelry, especially the Bengali ones grab everybody’s attention with the sheer visual appeal of its beautiful and intricate designs. However, the real beauty of fine jewelry pieces lies way deeper than what you might comprehend. They’re considered to be cultural and spiritual essences for the most beautiful and auspicious occasion in a woman’s life. In Bengali Matrimony, the bride remains incomplete sans the touch of the finest jewelry pieces which render a majestic look to her entire attire. But our current topic of discussion is not bridal jewelry, but something that you wear daily but often tend to overlook.


Just as casual wear is important for the working woman, so is the regular jewelry. Women wear them for many reasons. There’s social insignia attached, spiritual essence carried and also religious purposes served. Binding all that into one loop, a married Bengali woman has a plethora of choices when it comes to wearing a jewelry, which isn’t that heavy or exquisite in content, but appealing and pretty for the day.

1. Reducing in size: Being ornate and over the top is not the aim. You know you’re not heading towards a stage or chair. Nor are you attending a ceremony. There are slick necklaces made of gold, silver or bronze that looks stunning and awesome. This is pendant jewelry, which mostly caters to working women. The roundness is intact, the shape is not compromised with, but thickness is cut down. The idea is not to wear heavy or look heavy. You just wear that fine, sleek neck pedant and go to office. There are charms and dedicated pendant symbols for this purpose only. You can choose between several domains like love, spirituality or mythology. The main focus is to look smart and comfortable within your feminine grace.

2. Carrying the sleep bangles: One of the most conspicuous features of a married Bengali woman is her ‘shakha pola’ or the red and white bangles. They mark the sanctimony of her marriage union and carry the wellbeing of her husband. That serves as a sacred piece of jewelry in itself. Although not that fashionable, it has many designs nowadays. The cut, trim and design have come of age. You can flaunt it all in parties and get-togethers.

3. Earrings and nose-rings: While nose rings remain a matter of personal choice and esteem, earrings are a sure-shot option. You have myriad cuts and shapes entailing tribal art forms and seafarer styles. Many women prefer to wear the sea-urchin, starfish and pearl designs in their ears. The metal is very simple and cheap. The main idea in this aspect of Bengali Matrimony is look comfortable as nobody wants to be inconvenienced by heavy, decked-up jewelry. It’s best to avoid gold and pricey materials because you’ll be travelling a lot. So, the best is to go for gold-clones or silverware. Bronze is a great option too.

You can also wear bangle-shaped and styled watches. It’s like dual edged sword serving double purposes. You see the time and make it ornamental at the same time. This is a rage with modern women these days.

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