Jewelry Essentials for a Working Hindu Women After Marriage

Jewelry is the most beautiful creation of this world to adorn the women or analyzing the real beauty. In Indian society, the community matrimony totally follows the norms of the traditional culture or Hindu “Riti-Riwaz” which believes in the power of women’s adornment, that is why the Indian jewelry has a special place in the society for the women after marriage.


Here is a list of some jewelry essentials for a working Hindu women after marriage:

1. Mangalsutra:

Mangalsutra is the symbol of a woman’s suhag that is worn by a married woman as a mark of her marriage according to community matrimony. It is auspicious and denotes the most significant marital bliss. In Hindu religion, this is not only the necklace for a married woman, it is an incredible valuable and signifies the strength of women’s power. According to Hindu religion, Mangalsutra is the most essential ornament of a woman denoting her marital status.

2. Anklet :

Historically, Anklets have been worn by Indian women from ancient times in Hindu culture. It is commonly known as ‘’Payal’’. It is an essential ornament to wear for a woman after marriage. It looks so pretty and really helps in adorning a women. At workplaces, women can wear anklets which do not make sound.

3. Bengals:

Bengals are also precious jewellery for the married women to denote their marital status. It is not just a wrist ornament for female, it is the symbol of suhag which women wear on hands. It is the important jewellery collection for the married women. They describe the whole beauty of a typical Indian woman.

4. Ring:

A woman’s first priority after the marriage is to wear the realistic origin that is ring to show the blend of two souls. Ring define the purity of love. The ring ceremony is the most important ritual function before marriage in Indian society.

5. Nose pin

Indian married women also like to wear nose ring which shows the varieties of cultures like Muslim, Hindu and other cultures. Nose pins look elegant in workplaces.

6. Earring

Earrings are commonly known as “Jhumkas’’ .They look perfect on a newly married woman. It is the latest fashionable option for all the girls or working woman and the newlywed women. Women can wear small earrings when they go to their workplaces.

7. Necklace

A necklace is an article of jewellery to describe the art. This is such a unique creation which is worn by Hindu girls and women around the world for the purpose of adornment and social status after the marriage. If you are a working women, then avoid funky or heavy neckpieces at workplaces.

All the jewellery articles mentioned above are worn by women after marriage in India. At family functions or other occasions, it is ok to carry heavy jewellery but at workplaces, you should avoid heavy ones. Try to wear light accessories while you work. In this way, you will not look odd and be comfortable within yourself while working.

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