Make up Tips for Newlywed Christian Bride at Work

The newlywed woman, be it from a Christian or Hindu family, won’t have much time for her make-up while she goes to her workplace. However, it’s a known fact that the key to a woman’s beauty, regardless of the perception of others, lies in her freshness and presentable frame. Carrying your little make-up essentials in your little vanity bag is very important. The day is going to be hectic and there will be lots of pollution. The skin is bound to get worn out or tired, which has visible glimpses from the outside.


After your Christian Matrimony, it’s time to hit the office again and you know you have to keep yourself fresh and lively. Experts suggest you to do a fast beauty checklist as you go out of the house to office. You can give yourself a quick, clear lactic acid scrub. There are esteemed products that make a very effective, gentle scrub to make your skin luminous throughout the day.

1. Begin with the basics: You can add some quick of the latest perfecting primer, which is photo-ready too to your moisturizer. It minimizes your pores and don’t need substantial foundation for the coverage part. The next step is to add a little foundation wherever needed. You can use a powder in case you have skin issues or cream for curl lashes and smooth. Give yourself a fast sweep of shades on those cheeks and apply mascara to the top lashes. Put some on those bottom lashes and cloud the bottom lash line with dark brown liner. For definition, you can add a touch of pink or matte brown shadow, or even light grey in the socket. Apply a quality color-bust lip butter of any color and there you go. You are ready to rule the office.

2. Day to night care: It’s very easy to go straight from the office to a cocktail venue with makeup. You can then add some gorgeous red lip and try an orange-red or blue-red shade that best suits your outfit and skin. The idea of a perfect makeup is it for office use or grand functions, is to go according to the skin complexion and tone. A lot of hues work well for the fair skin, some spell magic for whitish tones and there are specific ones for the darker complexion.

3. Choosing the appropriate lipstick shade: Finding your right lipstick shade and applying it finely is a makeup conundrum for almost all women. Berry tones are most general as they comprise both brown and blue tones. You also have a red shade for everybody. Look for brick red if you have rough or ruddy skin. As far as the application goes, make sure your lips are not chapped or dry. If they are, you can just exfoliate with a clean and hotel towel before applying a lip balm.

After your momentous Christian Matrimony, you need to collect your best makeup kit and usable items and keep them ready for office use. During summer, you can go for astounding shimmer free bronzers and pair them with an attractive peach pop on your cheek. The brown-hued make for your eyes and sheer, neat aqua nails are just wonderful.

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