Must Have Hair Accessories for a Newlywed Tamil Bride

Every girl prepares herself in the best way for her bridal look. She plans which outfit and jewelry she should wear on her wedding day and in post wedding ceremonies. Even for her bridal hairstyle, she has to do lot of things. As per Tamil Matrimony, a newlywed Tamil bride should opt for the hairstyle that suits her bridal look. Mostly the Tamil newlywed brides have to wear traditional attire like kanjeevaram saree or lehenga in their post wedding ceremonies. Therefore she has to get her hair accessorized and styled in a way that it goes perfectly well with her traditional outfit.


The most common hairstyle for brides at Tamil Matrimony is braided hair. On a traditional kanjeevaram saree, this hairstyle looks perfect. With this hairstyle, a woman looks like a Tamil Bride. Being a newlywed Tamil bride, you can opt for wearing this hairstyle in your post wedding functions. Whether you choose braided hairstyle or any other hairstyle for your newlywed bridal look, you will definitely need hair accessories to do so. Some hair accessories that a newlywed Tamil bride must have are as follows-

1. Jeweled braided chain- Modern age Tamil brides mostly prefer jeweled braided chain for their bridal hairdo. You can wear this chain at backside of your head or at front or even at the side of your head. You can leave your hair open after wearing this chain. You can also make a braid at back and wear the jeweled chain on your forehead. In every way, it will make you look more beautiful.

2. Maang-teeka- The most common hair accessory for Tamil brides is Maang Teeka. It can be worn on forehead by the brides. Maang teeka makes a woman look like a true bride. It is easy to be worn on head. You can put on maang teeka with any hairstyle. This is a good option for your wedding and post wedding bridal hairdo.

3. Glittering hair bands- Jeweled and glittering hair bands are now become the favorite hair accessory for a Tamil bride. Such hair bands provide a perfect bridal hairdo. You can wear this hair band having your hair open or you can tie up half of your hair and wear this hair band for better look. You will surely look like a princess wearing this glittering hair band.

4. Jeweled pins- Most of the newlywed Tamil brides prefer jeweled pins for making their bridal hairdo. Normal looking hairpins are not suitable for brides. For a bridal look, you need jeweled pins as they can add extra charm to your bridal look. Jeweled pins are suitable to be worn by the bride during her wedding and post wedding functions to make her hair look gorgeous.

Lots and lots of bridal hair accessories are now available in the market and at online stores also. They come in different colors and designs. You can purchase the hair accessories that you like and then you can make any type of hairstyle using your bridal hair accessories.

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