Perfect dress for the Groom-to-be in a Bengali wedding Sangeet

Marriages are extremely female-centric in our country. Think of any wedding and people can only think of how beautiful a bride is going to look, what her lehenga or saree will be like, what the lights and decor will be, her makeup, her hairdo and everything else. Nobody actually gives a tinkers cuss about the regal groom. There’s no reason why gets a cold shoulder from everybody. This is true for Bengali Matrimonial where the groom has been traditionally dressed up like a toon, subject to many a ridicule and remark. The reason behind this gross neglect may be from the fact that Bong men are too fussy about their dressing, or the ‘topor’ ruins just about everything, or they are plain lethargic beings not interested to toil over the dress.


Times have changed however. Potential grooms have ultimately got their mind set as they know it’s equally important for them to look good at the wedding. The to-be-brides have to share the attention and allow a few eyes to ogle on their better halves as well. Grooms have so much to choose from. You have a variety of designs available in the market today. All of them are intricately and beautifully designed. Bengali Matrimonial is rich in culture and people celebrate it with great pomp. The groom’s dress is simple and superbly elegant both.

1. The great dhoti: Bengalis call it dhuti, which is the most vital element of the groom’s outfit. It’s either made of khadi or silk. The dhoti is worn in cream color, beige or white. You can always choose to wear a cotton one depending on the comfort level. The customary shade in usually white, but with the convergence of so many fashion trends at a fast rate, Bengali grooms are also experimenting with many colors. It depends on the look you want to sport for your nuptial day.

2. Punjabi: The kurta worn by the groom is called Punjabi here. It’s usually made of tasar or silk. The embroidery is usually minimal and intricate. Bengalis don’t go for heavy ones. You can wear it in any color and most grooms prefer maroon or cream color kurtas. These look royal and fascinating. For a more modern appeal, you can also wear a shrwani. It’s as good as the Punjabi kurta and with an array of amazing dapper designs in the market today, it will surely change your stance. However, if you stick to the tradition, then a Punjabi would suit you the best.

3. Wearing the jor: It’s called jodh in Bengali. It’s a silk drape which the groom wears for the wedign rituals. You have to wear this drape over the dhoti for each ceremony of the wedding. Generally, the groom wears dhoti-punjabi and then changes into this drape.

Lastly, you have the quintessential topor, without which the look of a Bengali groom is incomplete. However, guys are now replacing this traditional headgear of paper and shoal with the more regal and appealing turban. Although there are plenty of designs and cuts, modern grooms prefer to go more cosmopolitan in this one.

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