The New Heroes of India. Men who refuse to Take Dowry

Usually all traditions are made to either enhance society and its structure or for the betterment of individuals. These traditions are meant to be the pillar and bedrock of the very foundation of society that we all live in. most of the times these traditions are what help us to bond and connect with each other at various levels. But over the course of time and generations, these traditions tend to get diluted and often take the form of corrupt and malicious practices which tend to favor only a group of people and end up polluting social structures rather than adding value to it.


One such practice existing in society is the evil of dowry. For long in the form of traditions and commonly followed norms, this malpractice has been growing in our society. The bride’s family is forced to give away huge sums of money and gifts in the name of traditions and tends to end up putting the girl’s family under huge debts. Even with firm and stringent laws put in place by law making bodies this evil continues to prosper. This practice is so deeply engrained in our society that girls often end up committing suicides after being pressurized for dowry demands.

But slowly and steadily, India is seeing a new crop of heroes emerging in society, the kind that does not ask for, or support dowry. Men have over the course of many generations realized and come to loath this malpractice. These days’ boys are looking for confident, compatible and understanding wives, rather than seek money and gifts from the bride’s side. Many matrimony sites now witness a sentence in the perspective groom’s profile, where it is specially mentioned that they are looking for a family, which does not believe in giving dowry. What they have now realized is that this malpractice is the actual termite of society that is degrading its foundations.

Men have also come to acknowledge the fact that as their sisters and mothers are treated with respect in their families same way the bride to be is also a precious commodity of her father, brother and all family members. The way they treat their brides is how their own will be treated. Also the men today also acknowledge the fact that to lead a happy and successful married life, the life partner has to be compatible and a strong emotional connect has to be established with her in order to establish a strong relationship and asking for dowry certainly is not a positive step for achieving this aim of a healthy husband wife relationship.

Also the men have made the difficult task of making their parents come around and accept the fact that looking for the life partner is much more important than looking for a wealthy girl who will not be able to contribute anything towards the betterment of the home or their lives.

But what must be said is that although these heroes are on the rise and many people are joining this thought process, a lot still needs to be done and many more men need to join in to rid Indian society of this evil.

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