Things to keep in mind when planning a honeymoon in India

Matrimonial, after the hustle bustle of the wedding and the whole rigmarole of standing and smiling endlessly to meet people you have never seen in your life and might not meet in the future ever, it is time for the newlyweds to put their feet up and relax. It is time to plan their first holiday together as a married couple and it should definitely be special. We help you plan your perfect honeymoon in India.


Set a budget- After the huge expenditure on the wedding, it is wise to plan your honeymoon budget and stick to it. Stash away the funds for the honeymoon before the wedding expenditure starts so that you do not have to cut down on our holiday expense.

Decide the destination- The toughest task about going for a honeymoon is to plan the destination. Keeping the weather and season in mind and of course the budgetary constraints, you should plan a suitable place for your honeymoon. Also, keep in mind both your preferences. If you like the hills then you should take off to the salubrious climes of Uttaranchal, Kashmir, Himachal or Sikkim but if you prefer the sun, sand and beach then head straight to Goa, Kerala, Andamans or untouched beaches of Lakshwadeep.

Pre book the hotels- Wedding seasons in India can make it very tough to get good hotels especially at the honeymoon destinations so it is important that you pre book the hotels. Go in for boutique hotels or home stays. Some of them work out cheaper than the popular hotels and have a warm homely feel to it. Go by the customer reviews and word of mouth opinions.

Book your transport in advance- Booking flight tickets in advance will help you get good fares and if you plan to go by train then it is advisable that you book tickets two months prior otherwise it is practically impossible to get confirmed seats. Last minute bookings would mean that you end up paying a travel agent much more than the cost of the ticket. So take out time to plan your holiday and book tickets as soon as your dates and destination are fixed. Also, tie up the internal transfers in advance as it might help you get a good deal.

Pack wisely- You should pack smartly for your honeymoon unless you want to be lugging away heavy bags all over the holiday. Use the weather app on the phone to know more about the temperatures at your destination and pack accordingly. Leave out bulky jackets and coats. Carry only essential footwear. Always have sunscreen and other bathroom essentials especially if you are finicky about the brand you use. Have a good camera, because it is important to capture these once in a life memories.

A holiday is the best way to bond with your partner and it is important that you make it special. It is the beginning of a new phase of life and should be cherished and remembered for life. With these tips you are sure to make your honeymoon the dream holiday you always wanted.

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