5 Reasons You Should Switch To Linux

Tired of Windows/Mac OS? Wanna get your hands Dirty?

Then you Should switch to Linux.

Millions of people around the world are using Linux Already. Here are 5 Reasons you Should Too:

1.It’s Free:

The Linux Kernel is Totally Free! That Means Anyone is free to modify and Distribute their own fork of Linux as long as they follow the original Licence.

What does this mean for End Users like us? This essentially means that We need not pay for owning a copy of a Linux distribution. For Some People This Reason is Enough to bring them to the dark side (wink emoji).

2.Its Easy To Use:

Gone are the days when Linux was Only for Geeks.

Although Linux is highly customisable, Most Linux Distributions Like Ubuntu Are Easy To Setup, have beautiful looking GUIs and work great out of the box.

3. It is secure:

Tired of pesky virus pop-ups whenever you download a file from a shady website? Have ever lost important files because a virus corrupted them? Come here friend, I’ll show you a perfect world, where there are no viruses. Come to Linux. (LOL emoji)

Unlike Microsoft and Apple which do not at all respect your privacy and expose your data to ahem NSA ahem Government Organizations, Linux does not collect your personal information.

4.Compatible with lower end hardware:

Hardware is not a constraint for Linux. Unlike Windows, which is ram-greedy and wants to eat all of your resources, Linux is more optimized and can therefore run on even older and lower end hardware very efficiently.

5. It’s Beautiful:

Linux is what you make of it. Contrary to the popular misconception, Linux is not plain and dull. Desktop environments Like KDE and Cinnamon can make your desktop pop out of the crowd.

Another honourable mention apart from these 5 reasons is the tremendous community support that Linux has. If you run into a problem, chances are that someone on the internet already has a solution.


Gamers, There is one major hurdle in your path towards enlightenment,
“Gaming on Windows is a luxury but Gaming on Linux is a Myth.

I hope my words were convincing enough! Welcome to Freedom My friend, Welcome to Linux.