F for Funding, Fools and Frustration

The F word is widely used across the world by people of all ages. It wasn’t a very common word half a decade ago, at least in India. No, I’m not talking about Fuck. I’m referring to the F word, the sound of which gives an adrenaline rush to most teenagers and adults, alike. It’s Funding.

It’s surprising to see how widely this word is used in almost every conversation that revolves around business, startup, entrepreneur, career, job, company, salary and the list goes on. In a conversation with a potential intern from a college, just the use of the F word will make him or her jump with joy. Nobody gives a fuck about the learnings and the experience.

IMO, another F word has fuelled the spread of this F word like a forest fire. Did you guess it yet? No? Well, FLIPKART. This “Unicorn” has written the most incredible fairy tale in the short history of India becoming a nation of aspiring entrepreneurs. The guys behind this fairy tale have not only fooled themselves and their investors, but also formed the foundation of a frustrated generation of wannapreneurs who think of running a company before narrowing down a problem to solve and believe that getting “funded” is the ultimate metric of success.

So long, true entrepreneurship.

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