One of the most beautiful things I read today

All of us know that applying for jobs is one of the jobs is one of the most dreaded thing we have to do. No, I am not applying for job anywhere, but the apprehensions post interviews, whether you have mad the cut or not, seems to kill us from inside. That butterfly-in-stomach feeling post a good interview, vs I-am-an-idiot feeling after a bad one takes up a lot of our mental bandwidth. Many a times, the HR personnel handling the process is either super busy or just too lazy. Many of my job applications in the past have taken months to be processed (in other words, to frame a reply to my enquiry).

Today, I encountered a welcome step by Udacity HR — 24 Hour Candidate Response Commitment

“Starting today, when you apply for a role at Udacity, look in the job description for a mention of the 24 Hour Candidate Response Commitment.With this commitment for a position, it means we will get back to you with a hire or no hire within one business day of your on-site interview. We are committing all engineering, product management, student services and design positions to this response timeframe, with more to come. It’s the least we can do for our candidates, many of whom travel great distances to interview with us.”

Beautiful isn’t it? This would actually be a great step in toning down an applicant’s anxiety when they a approach a company for job. Waiting for more “open” companies to incorporate such functioning in their systems. :-)

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