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Paper to Digital


PTC University offers ‘In-classroom’ training for the working professionals. The classroom trainings are a premium offering, a high margin business amounting to $10 Million annually. The Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) take classes facilitated by the printed guide books.

The guide books were printed in North America and are shipped across globe. This business modal bought along the following constraints: -

• Classrooms admins cannot do on-the-spot registrations.

• Shipping guide books across the globe is logistically cumbersome.

• The high-quality printing and shipping of guide books costs $1Million annually.


• Allow on-the-spot registration to the…

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Web is for all. #MakeAccessible


PTC’s flagship product, PTC University Learning Connector, receives 550k+ visits annually, across geographies in 11 locales. A good proportion of the user base is differentially abled and use assistive technologies to access learning connector. The learning connector should be web accessibility standards compliant to help those users.


• Make https://learningconnector.ptc.com web accessibility compliant.

• Test the assistive features with the users.


• I had no direct access to that differentially abled users. I needed to empathize with differentially abled users to understand their hidden needs.

• The group had no data to gain insights about differentially…

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Data driven design decisions


PTC’s flagship LMS, PTC University Precision Learning Management System, is used by 350K+ registered user across geographies in 8 locales. The PTC University clientele includes enterprises like NASA, GE, Ford, Toyota, Lockheed, Boeing, Airbus, Apple, Samsung, John Deere, Caterpillar and others, distributed across geographies and cultures.

The sales team wants PLMS to be responsive so that they can sell it better.


• Make https://PrecisionLMS.ptc.com responsive.

• Design responsive courseware, dashboard and administration pages.

• Run promotions to nudge users to use PLMS on mobile.


• There are more than 100 existing desktop-based UI templates.

• The administration…

Hey, it is a great achievement to create a desirable product or a solution. I salute all the product leaders around the world. But the adventure has just begun. Now, you have two choices: -

I build it and users will come, on their own !


I build it, let’s take it to the users!

IMHO - Take it to the users. It is our responsibility to make sure that the users who search for us on the internet, the seekers, can easily find us on the search result page of Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo and other search engines…

This case study is a story about how we implemented web accessibility into our solution and made it universally accessible. By the end, you will learn how to: -

  1. Better empathize with differentially abled users
  2. Understand web accessibility compliance and its implementation
  3. Make your solutions universally accessible.

This is a case study on how we: -

  1. Used personas to design layouts personalized for the different user journeys
  2. Made the interface of feature rich Learning Management System responsive to the mobile screens
  3. Made our users’ life easier and better
  4. Made data driven UX decisions

Interested, please go through the slides below: -

This is a case study on how we launched a new digital offering to replace an existing paper based offering and steered it to maturity and success. This story speaks of digital transformation and shift towards sustainability. We are saving millions of US dollars and thousands of trees every year.

Interested, please go through the slideshow below: -

Design is a practice and all the design methodologies are based on empathy. My team members, designers and non-designers always ask for the real life examples to demonstrate how the genuine empathy looks like and how can they understand its impact. So, I am writing about one of the best examples of a system showing empathy with the customers.

Empathy, the heavily overused word in design industry.

Before we converse further, please answer one question. Who has/had the world’s smallest postal address? Any guesses? Hint, everyone in India carries his photo in their wallet. It was Mahatma Gandhi. His followers didn’t posted letters addressing to him at: -

Modern businesses need to continuously adapt their strategies and processes as per the market demands and trends. An idea needs to be quickly tested and implemented. Such short innovation cycles need dedicated design teams.

Now, building and leading a team of creatives has its own challenges. The journey involves complexities like: -

  1. Sourcing candidates and gaining their interest
  2. Interviewing and hiring the best candidate
  3. On-boarding and mentoring the new recruit
  4. Keeping recruit engaged, growing, and contributing back to the team
  5. Appraisals, retention and handling separations and more

UXIndia2019, the largest International UX Design Conference is organizing a workshop titled ‘Successfully…

Opportunities for Design Leaders to redesign their organizations

We Design Leaders have a responsibility to define and maintain our organization’s design culture, practices and methodologies. We make sure that our organizations have a comprehensive design system and implement it across all the channels. We are the gatekeepers of consistency across our organization’s product line.

It is very important for Designer Leaders to continuously learn and improve. UXIndia2019, the largest International UX Design Conference, offers many opportunities to learn from industry leaders and collaborate with them in interactive workshops. Here are some of the elite workshops available at UXIndia2019.

Design System Foundations by Ken Skistimas

Ken is…

Arpit Maheshwari

I am a work in progress... I write about products, design and strategy. More @ ArpitMaheshwari.com

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