ARP Protocol Bi-weekly Update NO. 8 English version

Hello everyone, it has been another two weeks. Thank you for taking the time to read the 8th bi-weekly ARP update. Welcome to forward and give us feedback.

In the past two weeks, the entire blockchain market has been faced with a severe test. As Ethereum even fell below 260 USD, the bear market has blown the hearts of almost everyone. There seems to be just bad news brought about by the economic crisis like a fixed alarm clock every ten years. But when I think about it, the bear market still has some good effects. Less noise and impetuousness. Less temptation and choice. So if you don’t want to fail the community, you can only choose to do things in a down-to-earth manner. When the next bull market comes, you will be well-prepared for showing your achievements.

R&D progress:

At present, the time is getting closer and closer to the end of September when we will have an official beta test of ARP Protocol. In the past two weeks, we have established preliminary versions, made smooth progress and stabilized the complete process gradually.

A total of 23,968 lines of code were submitted, involving 29 modules and submittal of 153 times.

You can visit our GitHub address to view details:

It needs to be pointed out that our codes are not completely open source now. The confidential codes are still in the state of non-open source, so actually the amount of codes is more than that pushed to GitHub.

Specifically, the following R&D work has been done in the past two weeks:

  1. Added a demo using ARP contract to connect to a third-party server to provide remote device information
  2. Modified ARP SDK for data interaction with remote devices. All partners in the future will join the ARP protocol by inheriting ARP SDK.
  3. Added the smart contract protocol in the engineering part of the devices
  4. Completed the signature of the Ethereum transaction and the call of the smart contract in miner part.
  5. Completed the binding and registration of calling the smart contract in miner part
  6. Provided the application of third-party service and the release of the device interface.
  7. Completed the binding of the miner’s overall function and joint adjustment in devices
  8. Adjusted the protocol between devices and miners, devices and SDK
  9. Realized the functions of downloading, installing and uninstalling applications in devices
  10. Implemented ARP related smart contracts

Operation progress:

  1. On August 8th, the ARP Protocol reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the ICOTH (ASEAN) in Bangkok. ICOTH (ASEAN) is a platform for integrated cryptocurrency services. Its business includes compliance audit, business consulting and qualification certification. It is the world’s first ICO integrated service platform obtaining formal legalization licenses.
  2. On August 9th, the ARP Protocol participated in the afternoon tea sharing activity of the second “Zero Distance to Blockchain”. Jerry, the co-founder of ARP Protocol, shared his wonderful opinions of how the blockchain empowered the traditional Internet industry. The ARP Protocol is very delighted to participate in small and brilliant sharing sessions like this. As an underlying technology protocol for B-end involving enterprises and projects, we hope to have more in-depth discussions with more B-end partners. While sharing our views, we also provide solutions and promote cooperation.
  3. On August 9th, ARP Protocol was invited to participate in ASEAN Digital Economy Summit (ADES2018) in Bangkok, Thailand. At ADES2018, participants were deeply impressed by the open and positive attitude of Southeast Asian countries towards the blockchain technology. As an emerging economy, Southeast Asian market has attracted more and more blockchain projects. In the future, ARP Protocol hopes to expand the cooperation of ARP in the fields like advertising and games in Southeast Asia.
  4. On August 14th, ARP Protocol and ELLIPAL formally signed a cooperation agreement. ELLIPAL provides users with a one-stop mobile digital asset management service based on the secure cold wallet technology. This cooperation will not only safeguard the future assets of ARP Protocol but also promote overseas operation jointly. In addition, all users who have participated in a lock-up plan of over 20,000 ARP tokens will receive ELLIPAL’s smart cold wallets as souvenirs.
  5. On August 16th, the ARP Protocol initiated an event on Chinese Valentine’s day to compete for the best love quotes. Participants can choose five teams of the hottest, the sweetest, the most cheesy, the most flirty and the most straightforward love quotes. I have a brief tour of everyone’s love quotes. Now I can say with certainty that the hottest team who plays the words incredibly is the most talented. It seems that besides practical work, flirting is also suitable in the bear market. After all, when the bull market comes, people all focus on the secondary market without having the time on the love.
  6. On August 18th, we tried the ARP knowledge classroom for community users in the way of live-action video plus special video effects for the first time. The first issue we talked about is “the blockchain technologies of ARP Protocol and its advantages over the centralized model.”

If you are interested, welcome to click the video.

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