Post #12: Staying Informed — Helpful Industry Newsletters

After some trial and error, I’ve finally found an assortment of good food industry publications. While “good” is subjective, I’m guessing my priorities aren’t much different from yours. I’m looking for:

  • Concise/digestible — Easy to skim and pick out relevant info
  • Curated — Assortment of strong original content and articles from credible publications
  • Unique style/perspective — Serves up info differently than others and/or covers certain niche

With that in mind, my favorites are…

  • Food + Tech Bytes— Usually covers CPG, restaurants, retail, agriculture, and eaters. Additionally, Food + Tech Connect (the organization that writes the newsletter) often hosts cool events like this one about rethinking restaurants.
  • Project Nosh— Created by BevNet, it leans toward beverage news (beer included) but covers food. It also features job posts in the food/beverage world.
  • “Natural Buzz Today” — Short and to the point, featuring only five stories each day. It’s created by New Hope, the organization responsible for Expo West, so they’ve got deep knowledge about all things natural/organic.
  • Food Dive — Their mission is to “provide busy execs with an overview of the Food industry in 60 seconds.” As a result, the content tends to be more of the side of macro-level food trends.